Zhang Jizhong a family of five to welcome the God of wealth, mixed-race son blackface to cry, Du Xinglin comfort was ignored

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01 the fifth day of the first month is to welcome the god of wealth, Zhang Jizhong’s wife Du Xinglin also high-profile pulled the whole family posted a video to celebrate, also with:Health is wealth, your family is blessed, the fifth day to meet the god of wealth, may happy blessing language, family harmony, less trouble, the family before the big mansion, to the fireworks to celebrate st., looks quite lively atmosphere filled with all sorts of food on the table, as usual, zhang jizhong arms still holding his 69 – year – old daughter,Du xinglin looked festive in a red dress, but the picture, which should have been relaxed and relaxed, conveyed mixed emotions.Du Xing lam is really happy, for example, son clung to his side, in a short while eating barbecue is very comfortable. But the eldest son Martin seems very unhappy, Martin is the half-blood son zhang jizhong, as for the mother who is unknown, anyway Du Xing lam’s stepmother, just before the accident a few days or a head of curly hair Martin, there is a buzz cut, dressed in a gray suit,You look a little glum. Where’s Zhang Jizhong?Although the arms are holding the younger daughter, but the eyes are not happy to the eldest son, a face distressed and serious expression, do not know the son and Du Xinglin after the child is not so concerned about the son, Du Xinglin?Although marry zhang jizhong become real lady 03 but about her speech sound has been the reason is that think she is a small three, said this is not an outsider, but zhang jizhong’s ex-wife broke, and in the early Du Xing’s son, is already gave birth to before they get married, but after all, the early Du Xing is also a PhD degree, knowledge is not wrong,In her bask in the video, if she do the stepmother is doing well, such as always do not forget to care about this is not his own children helpless Martin and Du Xing relationship is not good, this time, for example, the whole family happy, but Martin looked at crying, with a straight face during Du Xing bent down also have to see, but Martin don’t ignore her,Is this detail, Du Xing lam was a stepson like the stepmother might not, as to what is true of the child care at ordinary times or on the surface of kung fu is unclear 04 director zhang jizhong have success and zhang yimou is a paragraph, but since he married Du Xing lam, the gap between two people is more bigger, especially the contrast down this year,Zhang Yimou, as the planner of the Winter Olympics, has made many contributions. After finishing his work, he hurried home to cook for his wife and children. He is a good man with a career and a family, but what about Zhang Jizhong?Since the early married Du Xing almost not movies, start to do live with goods, while a of both high and low points, but for a shift according to the sales personnel, many fans net friend or unacceptable, especially after saw the couple live a few, you are poking fun at the old man money with light on sale feelings 052 people live in Du Xing is leading role,Zhang Jizhong is in charge of lucky cats role, but even if what also not stem, after all is a 70 – year – old people, several times in the process of live tired eyes blurred let people in distress situation in a sell wine, also play big routines is netizens despise, the thing is, when Zhang Jizhong sell a wuliangye original price 2000 yuan, is 19.8 yuan in his studio,Instant hundreds of orders, but zhang jizhong discovered is staff forgot to change the price, he said that a loss myself acting, then pretend very angry scold workers 06 behind and say out arithmetic, so even if you lost money don’t cancel the everybody under the single, finally returned to each order friends to send a set of wine,A total of 19.8.See here estimate many partners think this is a real loss of money, right?But the wise partner said that the wine is also worth 5 dollars, tearful earn 15, calculate down this mistake but 1.5 million to hand, the key also let everyone feel is to earn big of course this routine we see clearly of course this is their routine, this trick net red Liu Damei has played.So sell goods to sell goods, the key is always to make some vulgar means, net red so do also calculate, as a great director, also so play is not too low?It seems that old Zhang Jizhong is living more capricious, how do you think about it?