Press the “acceleration button” for key project construction

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The city’s 186 key projects have resumed work and construction projects resumed work rate of 93.1%.After the Spring Festival holiday, key projects under construction in Liuyang are beating the drums.According to the statistics of the key construction project Affairs Center of the Municipal Development and Reform Bureau, of the 284 projects included in changsha assessment in 2022, 186 projects have been resumed, with a resumption rate of 65%. Among them, 101 projects have been resumed, and 94 projects have been resumed, with a resumption rate of 93.1%.Other projects are under construction as planned at the beginning of the year.Run Star high-end innovative cardiovascular and anti-tumor new drug API production base, Maike Bearing, Jinyang Avenue Iii, Critical and critical building of Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Jinyang Zixing Square business district, Tai ‘an Primary school, high-standard farmland construction, Dayao Town rural revitalization demonstration area to build……At present, many key construction projects have been fully resumed, changsha Huke 8.6 generation ultra high definition new display device production line project has realized non-stop operation during the Spring Festival.Start is the sprint, the opening is the decisive battle.Liuyang is going all out to speed up the construction of projects, to lay a foundation for the pioneering strategy of becoming a “strong provincial capital”, and to accumulate potential and energy for the city’s high-quality economic and social development.The construction site of the critical and severe care building project of The City Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine is in the process of cement mortar plastering construction for the inner and outer walls of the project.According to Qin Miao, production manager of the Critical care Building project of China Construction Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine wuju City, the 21-story main building was capped last year and reopened on February 8 this year, with more than 160 workers currently working on the site.As one of the key projects under construction in The city, the critical and intensive Care Building project of The Municipal Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine can not only improve the treatment capacity of critical and intensive care patients, meet the medical needs of the city, but also radiate to the surrounding counties and regions to provide medical services for the people in hunan and Jiangxi border areas.In order to promote the project to be completed and put into use as soon as possible, the project construction party is overcoming the current rainy and low temperature weather to speed up the project construction progress.”We will strive to complete the project by the end of October, three months ahead of the original schedule.”Qin Miao.At the construction site of liuyang No. 4 Water Plant, the main body of the project has been completed and more than 100 construction workers are plastering the walls inside and outside the building.As a major livelihood project in Liuyang city, the Fourth Liuyang Water Plant will be completed this year with a water supply scale of 150,000 tons per day.At that time, residents in liuyang urban area will drink “zhushuqiao water”.Located in Duzheng Village, Yongan Town, changsha Weishang College of Commerce and Technology construction project started on February 10, even in rainy weather, the construction site is still full of enthusiasm.At present, the project has completed the acquisition of 558 mu of land, compensation for green seedlings of 63 households, the project clear table 251 mu.Yongan town, said the relevant person in charge, will do a good job in the construction of the elements of the project guarantee, the people’s livelihood practical practical, see the actual results.With a total investment of 7 billion YUAN, Yashilin Changsha (International) Sericulture silk Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Project has resumed work on February 7. At present, the main construction of the first phase of the project, including silkworm raising workshop, injection molding workshop, breeding center and crushing workshop of nearly 300,000 square meters, has been completed and is under renovation.Automatic production line for sericulture is being installed.”The first phase is scheduled to start production in March.”Hunan scholars cocoon silk biological technology co., LTD. Assistant general manager Lin Wang Zude introduction, this year the company plans to invest 2 billion yuan, in addition to the issue, will start the second phase of sericulture, silk reeling factory, power station, dormitory, sewage treatment station, such as construction, 500 mu of silkworm breeding base construction was in the works, “is expected to cocoon production 20000 tons in 2022, realize the output value of 1 billion yuan.”Strong provincial capital, when the vanguard.At present, the key projects in Liuyang have entered the accelerated construction stage, pressing the “acceleration key” for the high-quality economic and social development of the city.With the “five ten” projects as the traction, set off a big dry project upsurge to grasp the project is to grasp the development, the project is to seek the future.In 2022, a total of 343 key projects will be arranged in Liuyang, and 284 will be included in changsha project plan.How to promote the project construction breakthrough has become a “must answer” in front of Liuyang.Therefore, liuyang directs the converting, visualization, high quality, with “five top ten” project for traction, with 343 city construction projects at the corresponding level, especially the important projects of 284 changsha in clear as the key point, the implementation of “six list” (the new work, work, have to return to work, did not return to work, should be completed, problems list) parameter management mechanism,Ensure that the “five ten” projects of Liuyang and “four ten” projects of Jinyang New Town have a clear start date and completion date, and push them into place in strict accordance with the time node.Clear goal, struggle to continue.In view of the project construction, the Municipal Development and Reform Bureau also introduced relevant measures, focusing on the supervision and promotion of project construction, coordination and optimization of project services, project assessment and supervision mechanism.In terms of the supervision and promotion of project construction, the Municipal Development and Reform Bureau takes the key projects in 2022 as an important carrier to implement the “new journey of endeavor and advance into the top five”.Focus on promoting the construction of “five ten” projects, strengthen project supervision and special team scheduling mechanism, implement special team promotion, special topic research, special project solution, under the premise of ensuring safety and quality, do everything possible to rush the time, deadline, and ensure the target.In terms of coordinating and optimizing project services, the Municipal Development and Reform Bureau will give full play to its role of leading and overall planning and coordination, strengthen communication and docking with relevant functional departments, effectively guarantee the supply of land and other project elements, and actively strive for special funds.Constantly strengthen the atmosphere of project construction, strengthen project scheduling, and focus on project construction by launching project opening ceremony and project special report, to set off a big project boom and gather momentum for vigorous development.In terms of strengthening the project assessment and supervision mechanism, the system of monthly scheduling and quarterly supervision is formulated to supervise and urge the resumption of projects within the jurisdiction and industry in accordance with the principle of territoriality and industry management requirements, so as to ensure the scheduled progress of the resumption of projects.At the same time, the Municipal Development and Reform Bureau will continue to track the progress of the project, visit the site from time to time, and report the assessment situation on a quarterly basis, so as to form a promotion atmosphere of “comparing with learning and catching up” project, and further accelerate the construction of the project and strengthen the achievement of production and efficiency.Next, liuyang will vigorously implement the “four new” strategic positioning and mission, a powerful boost to carry out the strategy of “strong capital” be born, in accordance with the “12345” development ideas, focusing on the “double five” project, in order to “five top ten” project construction as the gripper, focus on key projects construction various nodes, yong pioneers as “provincial” strategy,With outstanding achievements to welcome the opening of the party’s 20th victory.