Original god: new character Collet is the archer, night orchid team strengths and weaknesses analysis

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Hello, everyone, here is a treasure book for playing coffee games.Recently, playing coffee has received some new Revelations, including the new character Collet, night orchid character advantages and disadvantages, 2.6 abyss usage, etc., the original god players and playing coffee together to see the news.Collet, the maiden with green hair.Characters from the Original God PROJECT comic book created by Mihayu.Life is very rough, was the fool of the children injected with the residue of the devil, to mengde to find the fool of the enemy during the acquaintance of friends Amber.After the comic story is to seek medical treatment, should be regarded as “Xumi lead passers-by”.According to “Uncle Y”, she is a grass archer and most likely a 4 star character.But after all is the grass, guess to 2.8 end, 3.0 version can see the story.According to the relevant test information on the NGA.The test server V1 version of Night orchid, in the “Hu Zhongxing” team, is not a complete sense of “crushing” six life xingqiu, is not a comprehensive replacement, but each has its own advantages and disadvantages.Advantages: Higher damage disadvantages: less water hanging, and because the backstage water mechanism is a bit like the line autumn, so the single is ok, may have disadvantages to the group.This point, even if the night orchid 2 lives, more than 2.8 seconds a water arrow still exists.Team: the fourth person (in addition to Zhong Li, Walnut, Night orchid) suggested to bring sugar, recruit to fill gather strange, group hanging water, increase damage summary:In terms of v1 mechanism, the ability of night orchid to hang water is comparable to that of Xingqiu, but the stability is slightly worse, and the damage is obviously increased. For Thor National Team, Hu Zhongxing and Xiaogong, the damage is significantly increased. However, if you play against multiple enemies, the damage may be lost because the hanging water is concentrated on individual enemies, which does not produce evaporation.Total DPS to single, stronger than the line autumn section, stability and protection is worse.E’s “ghost Shuttle form” is a unique, interesting and useful mechanism for traveling.(Damage as a deputy C is still qualified but not supermodel) (V2 is 2 life 3 seconds more a water arrow to 2.8 seconds a time) sure enough in accordance with the rule of version change.That is, “the first phase of ice C dominant, the next phase of fire C dominant” (the reason is still planning to deliberately restrain one of them), such as the last phase of “deep sea dragon lizard” with ice resistance and restraint ice system.In this issue, the fire Elemental shield has fire Apostle on both sides, basically banning fire output.Ice C is superior, 89.8% (most powerful tri-color elemental shield), 68.8% ganyu, 63.6% Shenhe.Water system, because of the restraint of the fire apostolic, so the damask is superior (of course, the simple break shield is not as fast as The Dardahlia, which means that the hand feeling and circulation are good and more people like to use it), the thunder system can go up half break the fire shield, so the use rate of the Thunder general is ok, the use rate of the fire C break the fire shield is basically scraping, so it is normal that the use rate is very low.Next 2.7 Abyss: Sort of lifting restrictions.Monsters such as Sword Ghost and Iron without Phase test damage bursts more than elemental restraint.At present, it seems best to have four insulation sleeves, recharge + big move damage.Crit/head damage, Water damage cup, charged hourglass, weapon with 4 stars can be used with zeberhunt Bow, Cult Bow, or 2.7 fully active weapon.