Lin Zhiling has a baby!After two and a half years of marriage, she had a baby, but she made the same mistakes as Lang lang

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On the morning of January 31, Lin Zhiling announced through social media that she had given birth.She wrote: “Finally, finally, finally, a little angel has been born into our family. I am so grateful to share my joy with everyone I love at the beginning of this wonderful year. Thank you all for your continued blessings and encouragement.Happy New Year, wish you all peace and good health, always keep positive hope, love is at everyone’s side.”At the end, he wrote the couple’s names liangping & Zhiling.In addition to the text, Lin also posted a photo, but there is no picture of the baby or the couple, only the baby holding the fingers of the couple. The three of them make people feel very warm.It is worth mentioning that Lin Zhiling, who was born in 1974, is 48 years old this year, and her husband is 41 years old, which is definitely considered as an advanced maternal age.But she made a mistake many stars have made.Can see in the picture, the baby hand almost opened, but the ring finger and little finger is clearly still present want to clench his posture, and in this photo you can see the index finger and middle finger tightly on adult’s finger, nail tip is because the blood circulation and not white, is obviously want to clench fist, but because the finger is blocked, fist grip.The result should be that Lin and her husband opened the baby’s hands to take the photo, which was obviously wrong.When Xue Zhiqian’s child was born, he had a similar situation, when he opened the baby’s index finger, and then a family of three fingers touched together to take a picture, and this behavior was soon hit by the lilac doctor face.Dingxiang doctor reposted Xue’s post and commented: “Generally, newborn babies’ hands are in the shape of a thumb clenched in the middle of the hand. The hand cannot open automatically for the time being. Parents are not advised to break it.”Therefore, Xue Zhiqian’s approach is definitely wrong. Going back to the photo of Lin Zhiling, as mentioned above, it should not be forced to open the baby’s finger, which is also wrong.And made such a mistake more than star Lin and let you go, last January 28, was born the son of lang lang and Gina, two people of the baby’s photos will be open palm, in order to put this picture, so it is not satisfactory, it is obvious that they are lack of parenting experience, don’t know if it will affect the health of the baby!Back to Lin Chi-ling’s marriage to her husband AKIRA, the two announced their marriage on June 6, 2019 at 6:06 PM. At that time, Lin chi-ling wrote, “Love and courage, I am married. I am so lucky to have your love and support all the time.Dear each you, let’s be happy together.”AKIRA followed up with a long post, sharing how he and Lin got to know each other.The two met through stage play but only started dating in late 2018.And two people’s wedding can also feel the deep love between husband and wife, the wedding scene two people reveal a full sense of happiness, Lin Zhiling also moved to tears at the scene.And now the birth of a baby is the culmination of their love.And Lin chi-ling’s husband AKIRA is a member of EXILE, a group that is very successful in Japan. Almost every album has sold more than one million copies and won many Japanese record awards.At the same time, AKIRA himself also has remarkable achievements in the fashion circle. He is the spokesperson of POLO Ralph Lauren, with whom he has expressed his gratitude for many times.And “fashion devil” Anna Wintour is also an old acquaintance.Finally, congratulations to Lin Zhiling on her son, wish the baby healthy growth, and wish them a happy family.