DNF: Don’t be busy upgrading metal Warrior level 90, this guide will let you graduate at full level

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After alloy soldier 90 level don’t busy upgrading, this guide allows you to reach 100 level just graduated in a blink of an eye, alloy soldier online has been nearly a month, most people have graduated from the full level, but there are still a lot of friends can not find the direction, still struggling in the activity copy.Some of them go to the abyss and the regiment in search of graduation gear after they reach the full level.In fact, it is not necessary, because the secret of alloy soldier graduation is hidden in the active copy, but many new and returning players do not know, this article to this part of the player decryption, hidden in the active copy of the graduation secret.A lot of people are struggling with event replicas, which you know are used to level up, get super experience, and get activity equipment.But do you know what items will drop from level 9 and above?1. Epics and myths.Click on the items drop screen next to the replica and you will see that the items drop from tier 9 and above no longer have the word “activity”, which is a real epic and myth, but many returning players don’t notice.Some friends have asked me in private letters whether these equipment activities will be deleted after the end, of course not!After the event, these items will become normal epic and you can continue to use them. The only difference is that they can’t cross over, disintegrate, etc., but they don’t affect your use. If you don’t like it, you can get the same items and change them again.2. Scale of the Abyss buffs can be used normally after the event.Make sure you don’t lose this equipment. It can save you a lot of time.Metal warrior as output class, BUFF equipment is a must have, in the active NPC can be exchanged with coins, but do not rush to change, when you are out of the small black room, see what is missing, and then to exchange it.Don’t waste coins here, because there are plenty of rare items waiting for us in the NPC store, and in case you run out of coins, you’ll have to swipe event replicas.3. Demonic world battles with Protective stones and runes. There will also be black Raven Selection and Shrokh clan materials in the 10th Terrace map.These are all necessary for a new career.Shields and runes are not necessary to say, the skill attack and damage has been greatly improved, here we suggest that what you use first, the later can be through the exile mountain week to obtain the graduation shield stone.Black Raven selection and Shrokh group of materials must be kept well, despair ore in the selection of a large amount, shrokh group of materials can be in the siege shop in exchange for invisible incense and epic pot, greatly shorten the graduation time.Protective stones and runes, ten steps out of the selection and shilock materials above the basic knowledge, look back and MOE new people to know.In addition, there are some suggestions for everyone, metal warrior after the active copy reached level 90, do not busy upgrading, because after level 90 to upgrade again requires too much experience, and then to blast liver brush a map is too boring.Each map has a different kind of epic, you can start to make the graduation epic set, which equipment you need, you can see which copies first, and then choose to brush.Finally with the activity to send the epic optional pot, pay attention to the last to use, to avoid repeated epic.When you reach full level, you will find that epic and myth just graduated!Last but not least, the epic optional jar from the campaign summary: Metal Warrior upgrade is boring, but if you master the secrets of the campaign replica and have a clear goal, wouldn’t it be fun?That’s all I’ve got to share with you, in the hope that it will make playing your new class a little easier.