2022 grade ONE cost engineer test point knowledge memorization method

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In 2022, first-class cost engineers often start from the review of the textbook. When reading, some important basic theories on the book must be memorized, and the calculation formula is more required to remember word for word.Today, we share “the method of memorizing the knowledge of the test site of first-class cost Engineers in 2022”, hoping to help candidates solve the memory problem.1, frame memory method for the study of basic subjects, we must be very familiar with the textbook, the book has a frame, this is like your wardrobe, when you put clothes, hats put there, winter clothes put there, to have a classification, so that when you recall it is also very good recall.Get the book, first look at the catalog, the catalog can be back in order again, from chapter to section, the framework is clear.A lot of people take an examination of cost, wait for an examination, do not know how many chapters how many sections, dead back a knowledge point, the train of thought is not clear.In fact, for the examination of professional qualifications, when reviewing, it is to look carefully and combine the characteristics and rules of the real exam and the exam.Two, formula memory method with their own method into a formula, through imagination and other memory methods, is it easy to remember?Finally, short-term memory into long-term memory is repeated, when we need to remember something, constantly to re-read the memory contents, slowly will be a long memory, therefore, is not you don’t remember, but what you remember at that time, didn’t go to review, after does not form a long-term memory.Many people complain that they have poor memory and forget the book they read yesterday. I think it’s because you don’t read it at all when you read it. Your eyes are reading and you may have other things on your mind.When you finish reading a section or page of a book, you can say what the page or section says and repeat it in a few words, then you have really read it.According to scientists’ experiments, people experience less inhibition and interference when they try to remember things in the morning and at night.So the knowledge of early and evening memory is purer and more profound.In a word, the less time, the more we should cherish, prepare for the 2022 first-class cost engineer exam can start as soon as possible, review work do not delay, the task laid on the day must be completed on the day.The above is only for the personal preparation experience, hope to prepare examinees have that point of use.The process of preparing for an examination is really very suffering, because after all, there are a lot of things in life to distract you part of the energy, for the above summary of several points of content, each examinee must look in, so review may take a lot of detaches.As for the preparation work of the next year, we should also actively promote and strive for the final victory of the exam.Cost preparation materials can be obtained from the yusen Education free course.