Xinzhaizi street set up business environment monitoring station to improve the satisfaction of market subjects and optimize the business environment of the street

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Correspondent (sheen stockaded village street DaoXuan) simba stockaded village streets in accordance with the “notional pledge, details first” work principle, the market main body are satisfied as the first measure of doing business, in order to better attitude clear appeal channels, set up the business environment monitoring station in symplectic stockade chamber of commerce, employment business environment monitors, further strengthen the social supervision, focus on the market main body needs hope,We will establish a normal mechanism for collecting and resolving demands and feedback, and make every effort to optimize the business environment, so that Xinzhaizi will truly become a fertile cradle for market players to flourish.Out of more than 7,000 enterprises in the whole street, 10 enterprises of various types, including Dalian Guobiao Power Supply Group Co., LTD., Maihua Food Group And Huayu (Dalian) Information Service Co., LTD., are selected to set up business environment monitoring sites, which focus on performing the responsibility of business environment monitoring.Monitor the credit environment, judicial environment, examination and approval environment, regulatory environment, intermediary environment, operation environment and government service environment, timely and truthfully reflect the opinions and requirements of enterprises and people in the jurisdiction on the construction of our street business environment, as well as the problem clues that damage the business environment.Employment 10 companies, as doing business supervisor, head of NPC and CPPCC member 4 supervisors who, at the same time the joint area “of the” two represents one board, and monitors the community masses, carry out all-round, full coverage, full cycle supervision, social supervision, NPC supervision, democratic supervision and the populace to supervise, being a “scout” advocate “, “liaison” “To promote the continuous optimization of our street business environment, to build a “pro-qing” political and business relationship.