Wechat red envelope business behind, hidden a hidden industry chain

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Some people are busy going home during the Spring Festival, and some people are busy making money during the Spring Festival.Nest on the sofa brush wechat grab red envelope you, how would not have thought of a small wechat red envelope cover, unexpectedly made a windfall business.Since wechat opened up customization rights to individuals, things have gone crazy.Douyin blogger “Tangyuanjiang”, with 7.3 million followers, quietly released a self-made wechat red envelope cover in early December 2021, which was snapped up immediately.According to store data, a 9.8-yuan cover has sold more than 150,000 copies, easily reaching the “small goal” of earning one million yuan, and this is just one of the covers.In addition to Douyin, businesses on major e-commerce platforms have also jumped on the bandwagon.In xianyu, search “red envelope cover”, can fry a big wave of sellers with a code;On Taobao, you can find all kinds of holiday covers.In Xiaohongshu, some people made a list of red envelope covers of major brands overnight, just for the convenience of “on time” snatching.Where there are people, there are rivers and lakes. Where there are rivers and lakes, there are interests.Low threshold, less investment, but can quickly absorb cash, this kind of highly profitable “good thing”, naturally attracted countless “gold digger”.From the producer, middleman to the sales end, a hidden industrial chain was formed.With the help of various forces, the original cost of 1 yuan/wechat red envelope cover has become a great tool for small people.”There is no shortage of opportunities to make money, you just lack the ability to take them.”As long as the story of traffic passwords is not over, crazy gray areas will always be rampant.01, “red envelope cover” why out of control “the next wave squat good, there is my idol’s red envelope cover.”It’s the third time I’ve tried so hard to grab a red envelope.””I don’t have a Vacheron Constantin watch, but I beg to have a red envelope cover, which is the closest to luxury.”A group of 500 people sharing the cover of a red envelope has been flooded with messages, with enthusiasm for the cover growing as the Spring Festival approaches.From no one, to the flock;From the initial addition of GIFs and emojis to the current insertion of videos, wechat red envelope covers have experienced a roller-coaster explosion.In the wechat open class in 2019, Zhang Xiaolong released the Easter egg for the first time, opening the “customized red envelope cover” function to enterprise users who have been authenticated in the enterprise wechat.At that time, there were not many people testing the water, and the climate did not form.By the end of 2020, wechat will be open to qualified individual creators on the platform. Customized red envelope covers will be able to display works with video numbers and click to jump.More importantly, the customized price of red envelope cover is changed from 10 yuan per cover to 1 yuan per cover, which greatly reduces the cost of marketing with red envelope cover for small and micro enterprises and waist creators.A stone raises a thousand waves.Last Spring Festival, including FMCG, stars, games, Internet enterprises, international luxury brands, etc., all launched wechat red envelope cover, set off a wechat red envelope cover battle.For brands, enterprises, wechat red envelope has enough exposure, but also rely on social relations to form fission;On the other hand, the setting of cover collection rules such as filling in questionnaires and following official weibo accounts is also a means to attract new users and expand the user pool.Moreover, in terms of input-output ratio, it can be said that it is a low cost and high transmission drainage mode.For wechat, not only to make money, but also to create a richer red envelope use scene, enhance the influence of the video number, is a win-win result.According to the Spring Festival Social Life Report 2021, 30 million wechat red envelope covers were posted during the Spring Festival period, with 7.37 red envelope covers per person.Guangdong province topped the list for receiving and sending wechat red envelopes, followed by Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong and Hebei.This shows that the market of red envelope cover is very considerable.This year, wechat has further simplified the way red envelope covers are used, opening more entrances for enterprises to issue red envelope covers and lowering the threshold for video creators to issue red envelope covers.Therefore, a variety of wechat red envelope covers, it can be said that round after round, dizzying, dazzling.Since then, these interesting and special red envelope covers have become the object of crazy snatching.It acts not only as a “social currency” but also as the atmosphere of the Lunar New Year.As you know, the red envelopes handed out by brands are limited in time and quantity. Under the role of hunger marketing, in order to grab the cover of the red envelopes, it is necessary to show off their talents.In addition to the spread of the network for detailed guidelines, group building group communication, set the alarm clock hand speed has also become a routine operation.But because the difficulty of the popular model is really too big, the netizens who have repeatedly failed, can only settle for second place, spending money to buy has become the natural choice.Where there is demand, there is market; where there is business opportunity.A red envelope cover as the end of the industrial chain, in a subtle slowly spread, which involves the general agent, subordinate agents and other links, jointly boost the emergence of windfall profits.02. The hidden industrial chain behind the windfall profits is on X Bao. The basic price of a red envelope cover is around 9 yuan, while the cover price of “dynamic red envelope + Soundtrack” is more than 16 yuan.In addition to the conventional red envelope, consumers can also specify materials for customization, the price fluctuates with the difficulty of making, if it is hand-painted original cover, the price can be up to 1,000 yuan.Not only that, today’s wechat red envelope cover, but also derived a “blind box play”.There is a large collection for you to choose at random. If you want to buy a set, the cost is about 60-120 yuan.In the top shops, the monthly sales are more than 10,000.The most important is that the cover purchased is not permanent nature, only 3 months of use period, expired after the need to buy again, how much profit space inside, it is not difficult to imagine.But to make money, you have to give.Although the qualification of customized red envelope cover has been relaxed again and again, but there are still hard conditions, enterprise users need to apply for notary number, and then apply for enterprise certification;If you are an individual user, you need to open a video account and have 100 valid fans.For ordinary users who want to make red envelope covers, it is not easy to apply for enterprise numbers or make individual fans reach the standard in a short time.Therefore, help “agent certification” upstream services emerge, play a clear price package.Personal permission to open the cost of the general 50-100 yuan, the seller guarantees to complete the opening within half an hour -2 days;”Agents” for enterprises are more expensive, requiring merchants to provide information such as business licenses and corporate accounts, and usually charge around 400 yuan.After that, the cover seller will hire someone to do all the design work, either a student or a part-time artist, or, if you want to make things easier, an “outsourcing” service to solve the problem.Greed is like Pandora’s box, once opened, there is no end.Driven by the word, officially on the road to “get rich” businesses, often while selling red envelope cover, while developing the “agent business” (yes, is wechat business that taste).When consumers buy the cover of the red envelope, the business will look at the right time to reveal that as long as the agency fee of dozens of yuan can enter the bureau, this no more no less price, easily arouse the curiosity of users.▲ There are also businesses to throw “free to join” bait, put forward no agency fees, only the other side in the micro store sales link, each single charge 3%-5% commission.In the business with bragging but logical and self-consistent words, as an agent can not only for their own use but also make money, not only thousands of products can be wholesale, products can be sold at any price, but also enjoy regular free training, as long as you send friends circle can make a lot of money, it is hard not to be tempted (hooked).So, the final price sold to consumers, in fact, has experienced layers of markup.For example, with the recent popularity of the “Leopard” terrier, the price of the cover of the red envelope has skyrocketed.The price of the supplier is 7 yuan, and the price of the agent is 8 yuan after the increase. The profit is 3.45 yuan, and the profit rate is 43%.Another spring explosion “Fuhu to” cover, supplier pricing 2.99 yuan, agent price after 3.99 yuan, profit of 2.04 yuan, profit margin of 51%.Agent development line, line and then development agent, in the process of continuous reincarnation, related business news reports, also from “easy monthly income over ten thousand”, upgraded to “one hundred thousand a month”, and now the “monthly income million”.Wechat red envelope cover seems to become a gold mine, everyone can share the pie.Red envelope business is not a long-term solution under the chaos of the uproar, crooks took the opportunity to blend in, the water stirred more and more muddy.Although wechat official has long clearly stipulated that the customized party shall not charge users any fees in any form for the cover of wechat red envelope, if found, the cover of wechat red envelope involved will be removed from the shelves and cannot be used or distributed.But while the priest climbs a foot, the devil climbs ten.In order to avoid risks, on the product details page, stores will almost always mark the product as the cover of a red envelope “given” after buying emojis or wallpaper.As mentioned above, tiktok’s “Tangyuanjiang” store sells wallpaper and gives away wechat red envelope covers.But according to the comments in the comment section, most of them are for the cover of the red envelope, with mutual “understanding”.Tik Yin, a store of tangyuan paste, has been reported as a result of complaints, and a campaign to buy wallpaper and give away the cover of red envelopes has been suspended.Even so, netizens continue to inquire about the purchase.On January 19, wechat’s “Coral Content Security Assistant” posted a reminder that the covers of red envelopes bought on wechat are all fraudulent.In Douban, black cat complaints platform, there are also netizens issued their own process.Liar first pretends to have a lot of red envelopes cover serial number for sale, with a few yuan to tens of yuan price sale, by the time the real deal, liar will deliberately avoid platform, transferred to WeChat or on QQ, on the grounds that the serial number is virtual goods, require the buyer must first after the goods, and as soon as we receive money, liar will be sent to the false serial number, or simply delete people.Still have cheater pour is “conscience” ground gave correct serial number, but the use time limit that promises shrank water however, some is inoperative inside a few short days.When there are more and more agents, the homogenization problem is gradually serious, and the money is no longer easy to earn.Searching with “red envelope cover” as the key word, different merchants frequently appear the phenomenon of the same style with different prices, and eventually inevitably fall into a price war.In economics, there is a concept called “scissors difference”, simply understood as the use of information difference to make money.When there are already 100 people selling the same cover, time is an advantage, and being late can have a big impact on sales.For example, the popular Disney Dynamic Red envelope, some early stores, obviously with a higher price, can sell tens of thousands of yuan a month, while the laters, although the price is lower, but the monthly sales are only tens of thousands.Unwilling to be cannon fodder of the bottom agents, to launch “how to use the cover of red envelope to make money” and other paid courses, with once superior treatment of their own routine, round and round to attract a wave of small white people who are ready to move, all with a dream of wealth into the bureau, all dragged down the mire together.In the name of blessing, the business of ash production, the use of platform loopholes to do business, this is a tree without roots, water without source.What’s more, consumers are so fickle about new things that they may end up making money before they even start.A little play is pleasant, a great play is bad.The money spent on the cover of the red envelope is more than the money in the red envelope. What fun can we really have?Yes or no.(The picture of this article comes from network) Reference materials: 1. Wired Insight “the essence of red envelope cover business, in fact, is wechat business” 2.Zinc scale “fans crazy grab red envelope cover, layer upon layer of harvesting profits still over 40%?”3. Chuangyebang “Who created the business myth of red envelope cover with monthly income of 100,000?”