Time if water, if floating dream, miss you again, read your bones

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Think more, with you keep light fireworks, until the old, even ordinary, is also the happiness of life.How I think, people are still there, love is still there, we can watch the flowers bloom together hand in hand!Time if water, if floating dream, always miss you, read you to the bone, eyes for you with tears, heart is holding an umbrella for you, memory, forever for you to stay in the years.A true love, finally ended in silence, a read, entangled in the heart, want to forget forget, want to put down, even if this world thousands of lovers, you in my heart position, no one can replace.Fate, lost to the reality, but in this world, there is acacia, I would rather a person acacia to tears, will not bother you, used to think of you, used to memories.Hold an umbrella, miss you in the rain!The wisper of light rain, always so romantic, a person holding up an umbrella, walking in the rain, still remember many years ago, is also a misty rain misty spring, a meeting, let you engraved in my heart.Hold up an umbrella, miss you in the rain, rain down gently along the umbrella, became a beautiful rain curtain, less your company, a curtain of misty rain, have become deep miss.Rain, tears, outlined into acacia, engraved in the heart, will never forget, I am not greedy for the warmth of the old time, but in my heart, all miss you, a love, the original heart does not change, a read always accompany.Cool breeze blowing, with your breath, look back to the past, all your memories, in my world, the most loved one, is always you, in my dream, you are the only acacia.02 miss you, read your bones, come, love, life do not forget!A deep feeling, will not be forgotten by time, a lovesickness, became the heart of love long, you are not by my side, but became a lifetime watch, thousands of words, always flowing in the heart.Think you as before, read you to the bone, come, love, life does not forget, flowers bloom, a few degrees of spring and autumn, but look back, or to your love feelings long, love is like a love net, and I was most willing to fall into the love net.Can not put the heart of love, and can only miss in the heart, across the distance, in the heart looking forward to meet, but I do not know this world, there is no miracle.Survived a day and a day, survived a year and a year, or can only miss in the heart, this life can not be forgotten in the river’s lake, my heart, or too soft.Happy time, who does not yearn for, love in the heart, who do not want to achieve, a love, waiting for, a feeling, looking forward to, I hope one day, can also hold hands.03 miss you, no together, depend on each other in the dream!Because of meeting you, I feel the beauty of the world, because of you, I see the colors of flowers, cool breeze, drizzle, flowers and flowers, all because of you, it has become meaningful.Think of a person, rather acacia old, such as a person, became obsessed, a love, no company, but became the dream of each other, love to the depths, what is done cannot be undone.In the face of the heart of love, never do so free and easy, a feeling, always in, a love, forever unchanged.Dream of you, dream of you, but never bother you, a true love, watch in regret, the end of time in lovesickness.Miss you, very bitter, very happy, a lovesickness, a suffering, a sincere, I wait, no matter you will come back.Love a person, will be a lifetime of care, time if water, if floating dream, miss you again, read your bones!