The 2022 Annual Self-driving Plan has been announced!What about the holiday arrangement

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Time flies. It has been almost two months since 2022.Many places are not allowed to travel during the Spring Festival, but Some time ago, Henan province has opened up inter-provincial tourism business.How to arrange the holiday in 2022?Where is a good place to go every holiday?Don’t worry, Henan autonomous driving “2022 annual self-driving plan” has been released, come and have a look!Spring is a good time to appreciate flowers in spring.Everything revives and spring returns to earth.Cherry blossom, apricot flower, peach blossom, rape flower competition open, might as well come to a limited spring trip to appreciate flowers, so just do not live up to good spring.Activities List 1 Arbor Day activities 2 Flower Appreciation in Taihang Mountain 3 Spring Meditation experience 4 Xinyang Tea Picking Experience 5 Flower appreciation tour in Wuyuan and Qiandao Lake 6 Driving experience in Red Yan ‘an, Golden Hukou and Wave Valley Summer from early summer to summer, the weather is gradually hot, you can choose to go to cool places to escape the heat.Camping, rafting, rafting…All arranged ~ summer vacation more, and longer, no matter the length of the route, you can enjoy.And like grassland, Gannan, northwest Great Ring Road and Sichuan-Tibet Line, the weather here is cool in summer, the scenery is also the most beautiful time of the year, more can harvest the best self-driving experience!In activity 1 funiu drive summer 2 lake camping experience 4 zhaoping western grand canyon rafting experience 3 zhuang autonomous region along the yellow road leisure drive trip 5 bashang grassland, jinshanling Great Wall tour classic 6 nine color gannan drive tour 7 road 8 sichuan northwest big circle nine days into the green – big beautiful Tibet, a paradise on earth 17 days drive into the autumn, autumn weather gradually cool,But another scene was gradually filling the landscape.Red leaves, golden grasslands and populus euphratica, harvest fruits…They all have their own fun.Fall is probably the most colorful season of the year., of course, want to arrange it ~ activity in 1 row red tour 2 apple picking experience 3 taihang road no. 1 4 zijia danjiangkou drive 5 autumn picking tour bashang grassland, jinshanling Great Wall tour classic 6 chongqing treasure, enshi water highway drive line 7 in ridge bask in autumn, jingdezhen ceramics, thousand island lake leisure riding holiday trip 8 western sichuan northwest of danba line 9 autumn winter in iminqak drive linePlay in the snow or escape the cold?Winter is always inseparable from these two directions.Whether it is skiing, watching ice hanging, or spending a warm winter in Hainan, we believe that everyone has different choices, and these have been taken into account!Even in the cold winter can feel the fun of self-driving!Activities in 1 hot spring skiing experience 2 taihang BingGua tour 3 sanmenxia see swan, stroll DeKengYuan, eat 4 around eight bowl characteristics street, jun porcelain experience manual five province drive trip June guilin landscape, drunk beautiful changsha July winter swimming in Tibet, the ground drive eight trains, cars, making hainan since the outbreak, many drivers were forced to stop the footsteps of the travel,I don’t know where to hang out.But in fact – there are so many fun places in China!You know, our vast and abundant motherland, with countless beautiful scenery, breathtaking mountains, rivers, lakes and seas, all kinds of cultural landscape, far more wonderful than you know.Such as spring, we continue to meet together to see the motherland’s great rivers and mountains!