Got bitten by a wild boar?Blame big Joe too stubborn, daughter-in-law is not all good, king of glory

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I want to ask you guys, do you want a wife?Is it really good to have a wife?This is not in the world of king of Glory, keep an appointment because of his wife’s stubbornness, resulting in his being rushed out of the boar bite…A wife is trouble!Big Joe did not listen to advice, keep was bitten by wild boar, king of glory thing is like this, keep and his wife left the Great Wall, came to the market outside procurement!But it was already very late, but his wife insisted on going out of the city, said he had seen a wishing tree before, is said to be very effective!Look at such a beautiful wife begged him, keep the appointment also can’t bear to refuse, then quickly go quickly back…Came to the tree, big Joe contented made his wish!In fact, do not guess, is like their ability and keep an appointment for a long time, do not have other accidents happen!But a wish is still a wish…Vigilant about keeping an appointment found around the change, quickly put big Joe into his arms, with his body to protect him!Because a wild boar came charging in!Look at the picture below, I don’t know if it’s a magic pig or a magic Wolf…Want to know more wonderful content, come to pay attention to xiao youman Zhou Yu has no girlfriend?Joe’s chance came once in a blue moon!King of glory Zhou Yu sent chocolate lollipop, Joe forced lovers?Love of the mind, king of glory keep promise words some too much, big Joe memory is sad, painful memories, king of glory xiao Joe encounter prince in a dream?Zhou Yu instant airborne, Qiao Yu’s love, king of glory