CCTV5, Jia Xiuquan, Chen Xuyuan, please line up and apologize to Chinese women’s football

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If the miracle has a color, it must be Chinese red!Last night, China beat Japan on penalties in extremely difficult circumstances to reach the Final of the Asian Cup.On February 3, 2022, local time in Pune, India, China’s women’s Asian Football Cup VS Japan’s women’s football semi-final, CCTV5, Jia Xiuquan, Chen Xuyuan, please line up to apologize to The Chinese women’s football team!Why did CCTV5 apologize to Chinese women’s football?CCTV5 did not broadcast a single match of the Women’s Asian Cup, and Chinese fans had to watch the match through online platforms.So is CCTV neglecting football because of the Winter Olympics?No, because the Chinese men’s football world preliminary match, CCTV5 full broadcast.CCTV5 prioritizes boys over girls in football broadcasting. It thinks that women’s football has low audience rating and attention and low advertising income, so it does not broadcast it.Men’s football team are hopeless, but because attention is still very high, so CCTV continue to broadcast.As a national media, CCTV can also influence people’s attention to a certain extent. CCTV itself does not attach importance to women’s football, how can it advocate fans to pay attention to women’s football?Why did Jia Xiuquan apologize to the Chinese women’s football Team?Last year’s Tokyo Olympic Games, The Chinese women’s football team three consecutive defeats out, Jia Xiuquan can not shirk the responsibility.He dumped many of his older players and brought in 10 youngsters who had never played for the national team.When the reporter asked Jia Xiuquan why he didn’t call a veteran, Jia xiuquan asked the reporter: “How old is he?How old are Lao Lou and Ma Jun?”In fact, old Lou (Lou Jiahui) last year but 30 years old, is it in Jia Xiuquan’s view, 30 years old to play the game?Last night’s game, jia Xiuquan abandoned Lou Jiahui, Ma Jun, Tang Jiali and other players all started, they performed very well, especially Lou Jiahui actively fight, seriously injured, fighting spirit infected the whole team.Why did Chen Xuyuan apologize to The Chinese women’s soccer team?Both the Chinese women’s and men’s teams are on the road these days, fighting for a place in the World Cup, while the Chinese women’s team is also fighting for the Asian Cup title.Chen Xuyuan personally led the team to accompany the men’s football team to the battle, gave the men’s football team the best logistics support, and gave the men’s football team a winning bonus of millions.(Of course, the underdogs have won only one match so far.) On the women’s side, the logistics provided by the SOCCER association are noticeably less than those provided by the men’s team.The same are Chinese football children, too favoritism.No wonder Huang jianxiang called, please give the men’s winning money to the women’s soccer team!In addition, For Jia Xiuquan in the Tokyo Olympics, Chen Xuyuan did not play a good role of supervision.