Zaobao | Xu Mengtao won freestyle skiing aerials gold medal;Redmi became a formula One team partner

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Merchandise licensed by boCOG will continue to be on sale at least until June;SoFi Stadium has a 10-year partnership with payment solutions company Tappit;Media giants fox second-quarter revenue $4.44 billion YuTang DAILY bring you DAILY news of the sports industry at home and abroad and domestic express delivery industry information Freestyle skiing aerial skill gold Xu Mengtao win on February 14, Beijing Olympic freestyle skiing aerial skills, women’s individual final Xu Mengtao perfect, with the final title with 108.61 points,It was also the fifth gold medal for Chinese delegation at these Winter Olympics.Kong fanyu made a mistake to finish sixth with 59.67 points, while defending champion Elena Huskova of Belarus took second with 107.95 points, and Nicko of the United States took bronze with 93.76 points.Xu finished second in Sochi and Kong took bronze in Pyeongchang in the previous two Olympics.On 14 February, Redmi mobile officially announced that it has become the exclusive mobile partner of the Mercedes-AMG F1 team to explore the ultimate in performance.In the future, Redmi will work hand in hand with Mercedes-AMG F1 team to embrace the competitive spirit, invest in technological innovation, transform the cutting-edge technology into the energy and passion of each product, and create a new core product with 100% competitive gene for all performance enthusiasts.The third stage of the regular season will be held in Shenyang and Shunde from March 1 to March 22, 2022, the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) announced on its official website on Feb 14 afternoon.The third phase of the regular season will continue to use the tournament format, with a total of 10 rounds (regular season rounds 29-38).The teams in Shenyang area are Shenyang Sansheng liaoning, Chouzhou Zhejiang, Qingdao Guoxin Haitian, Zhejiang Guangsha, Jilin Jiutai Rural Commercial Bank, Sichuan Jinqiang, Shanghai Jiushi, Shanxi Guotou, Nanjing Tongxi and Jiangsu Kentia.The teams in Shunde are Guangdong Hongyuan, Shandong Expressway, Xinjiang Guanghui, Beijing Shougang, Shenzhen New Century, Longshi, Beijing Holding, Fujian Xunxing, Tianjin Ronggang and Ningbo Fubang.”According to the market response, we have increased the supply of bingdun dun, please believe that there will be some bingdun Dun dun,” Zhao Weidong, spokesman for the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, said at a press conference.”Licensed products from boCOG will be on sale at least until June.All the Olympic Games have mascots, which will remain in people’s memory.”The Treasury: free or low-cost benefits to society open public sports venues, February 14, the Ministry of Finance issued the “public sports venues open to the society free or low-cost subsidy funds management method”, to regulate and strengthen the public sports venues open to the society free or low-cost subsidy funds management, improve the service efficiency of funds.According to the measures, the subsidy funds will be set up by the central finance to support and encourage the opening of public stadiums and gymnasiums belonging to local sports administrative departments for free or at low charges.The annual budget of subsidy funds shall be determined on the basis of the situation of public stadiums and gymnasiums opening to the public for free or at low charges, the situation of cost expenditure and the financial condition of the central government.Chinese ice dance duo Wang Shiyue and Liu Xinyu won the 12th place in the ice dance figure skating event at the Beijing Winter Olympics on Thursday, setting a new record for China’s ice dance at a Winter Olympics.Compared with other figure skating events such as pairs skating and women’s singles skating, There is a big gap between Chinese ice dance groups and top European and American players.However, the emergence of a group of players, such as Wang Shiyue/Liu Xinyu, has a promising future.SoFi Stadium, home of the NFL’s Los Angeles RAMS, has entered into a 10-year partnership with payment solution startup Tappit.As part of the deal, the company’s wallet feature will be added to the SoFi Stadium app, which will allow fans to make cashless payments for food, drinks and goods using qr codes within the wallet platform.Tappit has also recently sponsored the NBA’s SAN Antonio Spurs and MLB’s Cincinnati Reds.U.S. media giant Fox reported revenue of $4.44 billion in its fiscal second quarter, up from $4.1 billion in the second quarter of 2020.The performance of streaming platform Tubi and advertising revenue from the NFL were the main growth drivers.Advertising revenue rose 6 percent from a year earlier to $2.4 billion.The company said this was due to the strength of its sports portfolio and Tubi’s continued growth.MLS and IMG Arena close to data partnership MLS is close to an exclusive, long-term data partnership with IMG Arena, according to Sportico.Under the deal, IMG Arena and MLS will reportedly work closely together on data collection, and the alliance will establish a paid data operation platform to force operators to pay to watch videos instead of relying on live streaming.The company has struck similar partnerships with major sports properties in the United States over the past year.In super Bowl 56, the Los Angeles RAMS defeated the Cincinnati Bengals 23-20 to win the second Super Bowl in franchise history.The Los Angeles RAMS are only the second team in their 56-year history to play at home and be crowned, following the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last year.The Super Bowl MVP was awarded to the RAMS ‘No. 10 wide receiver Cooper Karp, who had eight catches for 92 yards and two touchdowns, the final touchdown that turned the game on its head. Kupp almost single-handedly helped the RAMS come back in the fourth quarter.Yutang Sports is a world-renowned sports marketing service provider.The core business includes sports marketing consulting service, sports sponsorship project service, public relations strategy communication service, sponsorship value evaluation service, sports marketing and sports sponsorship content service.Reach a partnership:Porsche, Ferrari, MINI, BaiC, Kia motors, Shenzhou Special Car, Autohome, Wuliangye, Samsung, Ibao, Magic, Baisuishan, Benwang, Kunlun, Shudayuan, Lehu, Sunshine Insurance, Meizu Mobile Phone, Uyin Communications, Meiji, Xiwang Food, MuscleTech(muscle science and technology), Dayi Tree floor, Ronghui floor, Renault watch, Jin Ba men’s wear, Sunite, billions of international, Jinrong China and other dozens of enterprises through yutang sports platform reached project cooperation.Disclaimer: The content of this article is collated from the network, with pictures from the network except the signature, if there is infringement, please contact us.