Wang Yuelun sun father and daughter photo dispelled rumors, let network celebrities do not hype, after divorce, the head of the early wife Li Xiang

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On Feb. 25, Wang posted a lengthy article in response to recent Internet rumors.Wang first felt helpless about the recent media reaction to his follow-up photos.He said he used to be a star family member, but now he just wants to be a normal person.The most important thing for the future is to take care of and accompany our daughter Wang Shiling.At the same time, he should also develop his own career. I hope the media friends can give Wang Shiling a quiet and friendly space.This is wang Yuelun as a father to protect his daughter.The false rumor that Wang refuted was supposed to be the same image of him and a girl at the airport a few days ago.Wang followed a young woman, a famous brand, who was speculated to be Wang’s new girlfriend, and Wang has now refuted the rumors and denied the new relationship.The girl around Wang was once suspected to be Hua Shanshan, an Internet celebrity.On The 23rd evening, Hua Shanshan denied this claim.Wang yuelun in refuting the rumors mentioned in the article, some network celebrities do not blindly hype.I don’t know if that’s the connotation?Wang yuelun only sent two messages after announcing his divorce.One is a photo of taking his daughter Wang Shiling to the beach for a holiday, and the other is a clarification article.Wang also posed with his daughter again.Wang Yuelun took his daughter’s hand, full of doting affection.Wang shiling wears her long hair down her shoulders, wearing a red sweater and striking gold jewelry around her neck.This is like the photo during the Spring Festival, the father-daughter relationship does not change with the family changes.After the divorce, Wang also mentioned his ex-wife Li Xiang for the first time, saying that since he and Li were separated, he still takes care of his daughter selflessly like a relative.Wang Was also competitive and diligent in her studies, much to his and Li’s delight.It can be seen that Wang Yuelun and Li Xiang also have a good separation, which can be seen as to clarify the connotation of Li Xiang in the divorce documents at that time, they are evil.After the divorce, Li Xiang often basked in the sun and lived a happy life.Wang Shiling looked happy in front of both her father and mother.So he’s taken good care of by his parents.