The Living Room of jiaoguang Association | “Mountain Keeper” in Spring Festival

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The Baocheng Railway at the foot of Jianmen Mountain looks like a looming long dragon, shuttling through the mountains from an aerial view.The K417 flood guard point, the only level I flood guard point on the Baocheng Line, is surrounded by clouds and mist. The sound of firecrackers from distant villages brings a little Spring Festival atmosphere to this small guard point.The guard point is a 10-square-meter white hut made of colored steel.The room is divided into two small rooms with steel plates. One side is a work area. A desk, chair and file cabinet are neatly arranged in the room.On the other side is the living area, with a refrigerator, induction cooker, “kitchen” operating table, square inch, everything.The fifth day of the lunar New Year, is the 59-year-old veteran party member Wang Yungui festival to stick to the guard point of the fifth day, but also the last day.Since the guard station was far from the town, his wife prepared meals for him for the five days.Around lunchtime, Wang took the sausages and preserved meat prepared by his wife from the refrigerator and steamed several large steamed buns, because he had to work for several days every time. He had to spend every day on a careful budget.During the shift, Wang Yungui has a meal to catch the needle.Nearly 200 trains pass through the guard post every day.During rush hours, Wang and his fellow workers pick up a train every six minutes or so and tell the train driver over the intercom that everything is safe and it’s ok to pass.”Sometimes we are too busy to cook, so we often bring cooked food that can last for several days and keep it in the fridge.”I steam rice and refrigerated vegetables between jobs and grab a bite when I’m not on the bus.”Wang yungui said.Outside the guard point, the mountain is steep and there are many dangerous stones on the slope. As many as 99 pieces of dangerous stones have been recorded.In recent years, extreme weather frequently occurs in northwest Sichuan. In addition, it is close to the Longmenshan fault zone and has frequent seismic activity. As a result, the cliff rocks above the guard point become loose, bringing hidden dangers to driving safety.Standing at the guard post, he could look up at the blue sky and white clouds above the mountains and look down on the river, but the only scenery in Wang’s eyes was the rocks on the mountains.”It is our biggest duty to guard the mountain and keep an eye on the stones so that they do not endanger the safety of the vehicle.”K417 Flood guard station has a total of 8 people working in groups of 2 in three shifts.The staff included four local workers who were hired to strengthen the inspection force and four mianyang workers whose homes are located along the Baocheng Railway.Simple lunch, Wang Yungui back patrol bag out patrol.The patrol line is 550 meters in total, and the guard point is located in the middle position, and the patrol will walk 1,100 meters back and forth.According to the regulation of one hour patrol, a shift off at least 8 kilometers.On patrol, when a train came by, he would stand upright facing the train as it roared past, and he would stand still and watch as the icy wind pierced through his thick clothes.”Cold winds are nothing to us, but sun exposure and storm geniuses are the most annoying.”Wang Yungui said, sunny, all the way in direct sunlight, there is no shady place to avoid, walk a few steps sweaty;Rainy days, must increase the frequency of inspection, almost the whole class has a person outside inspection.After the inspection, Wang Yungui returned to the guard point.Then the intercom sounded: “417 flood guard point, bus T7 approach.”Wang Yungui replied: “Bus T7, 417 flood guard point through normally.”Pick up the intercom stand in front of the cabin, Wang Yungui right hand level yellow signal flag to greet the train.After the train had passed safely, he went back to his house and recorded the time and number of trains in his driving log book.Although now is more and more developed science and technology, the railway side can equipped with alarm system of the automatic monitoring circuitry obstacles “LuShen”, for “ShouShanRen equipped with one-click” alarm interphone, but wang yunwu and workmates hasn’t relax vigilance, “you know a lot about every 1 meter line situation, contingency plans for crisis occurs after lessons to heart, patrol” artifact “,It also requires people to have a sense of responsibility and respect for their work.””Let every train pass safely” is the most simple wish of Wang Yungui and his workers during the Spring Festival travel rush.The night was closing in, the hills blurred, the busy day drawing to a close.Such a day is an epitome of the work of these ordinary “mountain keepers” for many years.Day after day, year after year, ordinary people write responsibility and love for work in this simple and dull cycle.China traffic broadcast: elegant correspondent: Zhu Linlin, Lei Zhao