Major improvements were made to the living environment in Anping, Hebei to improve people’s happiness

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The picture shows party members and cadres wearing red volunteer vests to carry out patriotic health campaign.For figure in hebei province anping county propaganda department news network news (Intel, Zhang Jia) for days, hengshui, hebei anpingxian continued to carry out the patriotic health campaign, the county party members and cadres, the masses and civilization volunteers are actively involved in the spring of human settlement environment form, great management, the act of ascension, and from urban to rural, from the national road to the river, from the hutong street corner to ditch pits,To each of the key areas and key parts of the “carpet” cleaning, renovation, to create a clean, clean, healthy, safe living environment.Party members and cadres in the urban area, anpingxian departments volunteers ma3 jia3, dressed in a red civilization with dishcloth, bucket, broom clean tools such as in-depth united community, took to the streets to “don’t pass a piece of paper, don’t ignore a cigarette” on health cleaning, work attitude, on the streets, communities, green belts and so on has carried on the comprehensive clean-up.In the countryside, village and township cadres, village cadres, but also promote the spirit of far, afraid tired, led the villagers to carry out the garbage management work, on the streets, and pits or ditches, debris and other health corner behind the house to clean, eliminate junk ditch “garbage” “mountain” “patch”, rural appearance to look brand-new.In the country and province trunk road, county transportation bureau, law enforcement bureau party members and cadres deployed large cleaning machinery responsible for the main road on both sides of the accumulation of old garbage, waste products, county youth League committee, women’s federation also organized nearly 100 civilized volunteers to the country and province trunk road on both sides to help clean up.In the river, the county water bureau, county emergency bureau formed a team of 30 people and the county armed forces department of 100 militia to clean up the river, ditches and other embankments outside the scope of dead branches, grass, garbage, debris, so that garbage does not enter the river, no exposed garbage on the river bank.It is reported, in April this year is a patriotic health 34 months in our country, the county to carry out the “civilized, healthy, green environmental protection” as the theme of the big men, spring inhabitation environment renovation, the big promotion action, target comprehensive improvement of urban and rural environment and living environment quality, polished rural background, speed up the formation of civilization, health, green, environmental protection way of life, effective safeguard people’s health,We will further improve people’s sense of happiness and satisfaction.Pay attention to Hebei news network for the latest news in Hebei.