Emperor Sareen fights for a 15 year old Brazilian supernova!Brazilian famous star: he is like Adriano, too rare

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Brazil, which produced pele and won the World Cup five times, is called the “kingdom of soccer.”After winning the 2002 World Cup, Brazil’s national team hadn’t reached a World Cup final in nearly 20 years.Is the kingdom of football in decline?Not necessarily!Top five European leagues, Chinese Super League, J-League, K-League…Brazilian players all over.Just like China’s Liaoning football team, how many years has liao Football team not won the championship?Veteran football fans may not remember, but there are players from Liaoning all over the country, and Chinese players are always divided by their hometown, and Liaoning has always been the most.In 2006, as the defending champions, Brazil were the favorites to win the World Cup. The “dream quartet” of Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Kaka and Adriano attracted much attention, but they were eliminated by the aging France in the quarterfinals.Brazil has continued to produce talented players for more than a decade.In 2013, Neymar was hailed as the “third in the world” after Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo and signed by Barcelona.In 2016, Manchester City signed Luis Jesus, dubbed “the new Neymar”.In 2018, Barcelona spent 160 million euros to sign Coutinho, who has played in five major leagues for years, while Real Madrid signed Vinicius and Rodrigo, two young stars known as Neymar Jr in Brazil.But none of those players, with the exception of Neymar during his time with Barcelona, reached the heights of superstars.Brazil, led by Neymar, had their best World Cup finish, reaching the semi-finals at the 2014 World Cup on home soil.Brazil is never short of skilled players who can do the work, but of powerful strikers like Adriano.Body, power, speed, technique, shooting, Adriano is top in all aspects, but too indulgent, combined with injuries, soon after the 2006 World Cup, he was abandoned by Inter, also far away from the Brazilian national team.Adriano’s existence as a player has been almost forgotten for more than a decade. He is actually a year younger than Ibrahimovic, who still plays every game in Serie A.If the current Brazilian national team had a striker as fierce as adriano at his peak, he would be the favorite to win the Copa America and the World Cup, and Neymar would just have to get the ball into the box.Without Adriano, it would be easy for opponents to take on Brazil by kicking Neymar.Recently, a 15-year-old Brazilian has caught the attention of some of Europe’s top clubs, and he could be the next Adriano.The kid’s name is Endrique. He played for palmeiras youth team and scored 167 goals in 170 games.According to FIFA rules, Endric is not allowed to play in Europe until he is 18.But can pre-sign, like real Madrid before the introduction of Vinicius, Rodrigo way.Marca said the transfer fee for Endric could be between 20 million euros and 25 million euros, with bonuses and variable clauses bringing the total price to between 45 million euros and 50 million euros.Palmeiras have apparently decided that Ndrik is a real bargain, that 20, 30 or 40 or 50 million euros is not enough and are prepared to include a 100 million euro release clause in his first professional contract.Palmeiras will be able to sign Endric to a professional contract when he turns 16 on July 21.”I think Endric and Vinicius are two different types of players.Vinicius is more of a winger and Endric is more of a centre forward.He has great finishing ability and scores a lot of goals.Endric doesn’t look like Vinicius, he looks more like Adriano because he has a great left-footed shot.Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Paris, Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Atletico…Endrik and the recent rumors, so, “new Adriano” the final who?