A WOMAN in the US spat on police and defecated in a patrol car after being barred from boarding a plane while drunk

2022-06-20 0 By

A woman was barred from boarding a flight to New York because she appeared to be drunk, the New York Post reported Tuesday.She then ran around the airport on top of a moving suitcase, setting off a frantic chase in which she spit on officers and defecated in a patrol car.The police law enforcement recorder, video capture video according to the latest law enforcement by the police data recorder, the incident happened in April 2021, it was named Chelsea Alston (Chelsea Alston) woman in Orlando international airport, ready to the southwest airlines flight to New York, but she has sparked a singular chase at the airport.A gate agent told her she appeared to be drunk and refused to let her board, according to court records.Alston replied, “I don’t want to fight with you, I just want to go home and relax,” adding that she had only had two drinks.The officer who handled the incident, Andrew Mamone, told Alston that she had been barred from boarding because her eyes were glazed, she couldn’t stand straight and she smelled of alcohol.Mamun added, “There’s no problem, you just need to go to the terminal to sober up a little bit and get the next flight.”But Alston waved her middle finger and shouted insults at the officer before she got into her suitcase and started running.The officer began chasing her on a bicycle and ordered the woman to leave the safe area after grabbing her.Mamun and another officer handcuffed her, after which she appeared to spit on the officer.Instead of quietly leaving, Alston spit on him again and allegedly hit him in the eye, according to the video.She was dragged into a patrol car where she allegedly defecated, causing a total of $1,200 in damage, the arrest report said.Eventually, the woman was charged with battery on a police officer and released from the Orange County Jail on $13,500 bail.(Edit: HHJ)