Universal box office breakthrough 40 million, Shen Teng and Liu Haocun’s appeal so strong?anticipated

2022-06-19 0 By

This year’s Spring Festival film, watergate Bridge box office over 100 million, the box office of the world is also very good.According to the lighthouse, the box office of The Four Seas exceeded 40 million yuan and the pre-sale number exceeded 692,000 as of 10:07 PM on January 28.Shen Teng and Liu Haocun have so much appeal?New gold entertainment watchers have learned that this year’s Spring Festival season has a lot of big productions to look forward to.Many people can’t wait to leave their jobs and rush to the movies.This time, “Watergate Bridge” based on the previous high word-of-mouth, all the way, now more than 100 million box office.Many netizens said they must watch the patriotic film 10 times.The same goes for Zhang Yimou’s Sniper, which, like Watergate Bridge, was a very expensive movie with special effects.But it also includes Han Han’s “The Four Seas,” a featureless film that relies entirely on one man’s acting skills.New gold entertainment watchers have learned that actors’ appeal now translates directly to box office.Let’s start with Shen Teng. He is now a comedy star, and almost all of his movies are box office hits.Shen Teng’s total box office has exceeded 10 billion yuan.And Liu Haocun, though young, is charming.Her debut two years, no scandal, coupled with her pure, let her look very simple.Those films starring Liu Haocun are big sellers.Since her debut, she has made only three films and already exceeded 2.1 billion!This time, the hero of “Four Seas” is Liu Haocun, many fans are looking forward to it and want to support it.What do you think ‘Four Seas’ will do at the box office?