Teachers are also affected by the change in the business system, which has changed the three major positions into contract workers

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Students who study hard for 12 years at a cold window hope to be admitted to their favorite universities with their own efforts and find a suitable job after graduation to repay their teachers and parents for their efforts.Speaking of stable jobs, I believe that everyone will think of civil servants, teachers and institutions and other national system work, with the “iron rice bowl” title of the establishment of the post has been very favored by students and parents, the number of applicants is also increasing year by year.Career change, part of the job as contract workers, teachers industry also affected with the development of the society, people’s thought is open, compile jobs also have a lot of change, according to relevant sources, three jobs will change to the contract employment system, want to enter oneself for an examination the students need to know in advance, even teaching jobs in it.The first position is the legal prosecutor clerk, can work in the court of its salary level is not too low, not only rich benefits, and social recognition is relatively high.In many people’s minds, and the court is definitely linked to the work of the position, but the legal prosecutor clerk does not have the system, its work content is mainly to proofread, collation and records, more suitable for girls, stable income but not high.The second position is nurse. Many students want to be a nurse who can heal the wounded and rescue the dying just like doctors. In fact, compared with doctors, nurses have a very intense work, not only needing to take the night shift, but also facing many patients every day.Many students think nurses have a staff, but it is not the case. Nurses have become contract workers after the reform.The third position is college teachers, the teacher industry has always been hot, now the competition for teachers is very fierce, but teachers are also divided into many kinds, primary school, middle school and high school teachers still belong to the staffing system, and some university teachers have implemented the contract employment system.Although the job of university teacher is relatively easy, but the threshold is relatively high, at least a graduate degree is required.The implementation of the contract system is to adapt to the development of The Times, people in various industries to prepare for the implementation of the contract system many people expressed doubts, if the loss of the establishment system, does it mean that the nature of work has changed?Will work within the system become unstable?The above problems will directly affect the career direction of college students, as well as the need for job hunting, and even make students and parents feel anxious.In fact, some posts from the establishment system to contract system, in order to comply with the development of The Times, everyone should make adequate psychological preparation, do not think that the cancellation of the establishment can fish in troubled waters, mediocre.Be enterprising no matter what industry you are engaged in. Only by realizing the importance of constantly improving yourself can you do better and better in your position.For normal university students, whether primary and secondary school teachers will cancel the establishment has become their concern, after all, the reform of the contract system is about to penetrate into the public institutions, but from the current development situation, it is difficult for primary and secondary school teachers to withdraw from the establishment team for the time being.Although the salary of teachers in public schools is not very high, and many teachers even go to private schools to teach in pursuit of high income, the stability of teachers in the system is very high, and the various welfare systems are very perfect. At least, they can guarantee their living standard and do not fall into the panic of being fired.China’s current teacher system is also constantly improving, the income gap between urban teachers and rural teachers is gradually reduced, because the country in order to alleviate the problem of rural talent shortage, gradually launched the western plan, three support and one support policies, to protect the rights and interests of grass-roots teachers, to promote the sound and rapid development of education.Non normal unripe can take an examination of the post that prepares a teacher?Every year, teachers major will become “xiangbobo”, currently affected by the epidemic, more and more students realize the importance of stable work, many non-normal university students also want to apply for the establishment of teachers after graduation, there are rumors that non-normal university students will not be allowed to apply for the examination, so many students began to worry.At present, the country does not explicitly restrict non-normal university students to apply for the teaching position, so students should seize the opportunity, after all, the policy is based on the social development situation and change.If you want to become a teacher in the system, the most important thing is to obtain the teacher qualification certificate, which is the most basic and important certificate for entering the education industry.The teaching certificate examination is held twice a year. It consists of a written exam and an interview. Interested students need to prepare well in advance, preferably during college.In the process of preparing for the exam, students should also pay attention to cultivate their adaptability and strong logical thinking. In the interview process, students need to test their language expression ability, which requires students to exercise themselves in daily study, and strive to leave a good impression on the interviewer.In the context of such fierce competition, every student should constantly improve themselves, no matter what occupation they are engaged in, they should establish the concept of lifelong learning, and actively seek advice from people around them to form their own competitive advantages.