Guide to the whole process of Nucleic acid Testing during Spring Festival Travel

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What are the requirements for Spring Festival travel in 2022?People in medium and high risk areas and counties (cities, districts and banners) shall strictly limit their travel.People in other counties (cities, districts and banners) of the cities where medium-or high-risk areas are located do not travel when it is not necessary, and those who do need to travel must present a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours.Strictly restrict travel to medium-high risk areas and counties (cities, districts and banners) where they are located, and do not travel to other counties (cities, districts and banners) where medium-high risk areas are located if it is not necessary.Personnel in high-risk posts should avoid travel as far as possible. Those who do need to travel should be free from work for more than 14 days and hold negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours, which should be reported to their work units.* The above travel requirements are for inter-provincial (autonomous region, municipality directly under the Central Government) mobility.Local epidemic prevention and control measures can be consulted in the column of Local Epidemic Prevention and Control Policies, which is provided by the joint prevention and control mechanism of 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government) and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps.What are the high-risk areas in the country?↓ As of 8 o ‘clock on January 24, 2022, there are 18 high-risk areas and 59 medium-risk areas in China, involving Beijing, Tianjin, Henan, Shanghai and Guangdong.The real-time list of medium-high risk areas can be accessed through the mini-program on The State Council client. ↓↓ How can I query the nucleic acid testing institutions nearby?State Council client mini program query service 1. Search “State Council Client” mini program in wechat 2.Click “Nucleic acid Testing Institutions” 3. Make inquiries according to the region you are in 4.Nose swab: Gently lift head 45 degrees to relax facial muscles;Loosen your mouth slightly when you feel pain in your nose.Pharyngeal swab: Tilt your head back and breathe through your nose with your mouth wide open.Precautions: Avoid eating 2 hours before nucleic acid test.Do not drink water, drink, smoke, drink or chew gum 30 minutes before sampling.At the time of examination, swallowing should be reduced and throat clearing should not be done (such as coughing and spitting).Residents in Heping District of Tianjin undergo nucleic acid testing on January 10, 2022.What about nucleic acid tests within 48 hours?CDC experts said that scientifically speaking, a 48-hour negative nucleic acid test should be counted from the time of sampling.The time difference between reporting time and sampling time may increase the risk of infection.The specific calculation method shall be subject to local requirements.What are the requirements for nucleic acid testing by train or plane?By air: Most airlines have published on their official websites the beginning and end of the validity period of negative nucleic acid test certificates.After the ticket purchase is successful, the airline will send a text message containing information about the boarding quarantine policy to the mobile phone number of the ticket reservation. Please check the text message.By train: the 12306 mobile phone client has provided real-time information on the epidemic prevention and control policies of the departure and arrival places of ticket purchase.Nucleic acid testing services have been launched at some airports and railway stations across the country.On January 18, 2022, Guangzhou South Railway Station ushered in the Spring Festival travel rush.What about asterisks on travel cards?The asterisk “*” in the upper right corner of the destination indicates the cities with medium-high risk areas in the past 14 days of travel, but does not mean that the user has actually visited these medium-high risk areas.If there is a serious deviation in the results of the trip query, or the trip can not be queried, you can contact the operator’s customer service check (Telecom 10000/ Mobile 10086/ Unicom 10010).Take it easy!12 travel card problems authority answer health code assignment error how to do?You can call your local epidemic prevention and control hotline for verification and code-changing.How can I call the 31 provincial and municipal governments for consultation on epidemic prevention and control?Beijing 010-12345 Tianjin 022-12345 Hebei 0311-66165958 Shanxi 0351-12345 Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region 0471-4860051 Liaoning 024-12345 Jilin 0431-12320 Heilongjiang ProvinceShanghai 021-12320 Jiangsu 025-12320 Zhejiang 0571-87115039 Anhui 0551-12320 Fujian 0591-12320 Jiangxi 00791-12320 Shandong 0531-12345 Henan ProvinceGuangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region 0771-12320 Hainan Province 0898-12345 Chongqing Municipality 023-12345 Sichuan Province 028-12345 Guizhou ProvinceQinghai Province Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region0991-5190871 more epidemic prevention and control advisory telephone can inquire the client applet of the State Council left left source 丨 ____________________ to the People’s Daily microblog