Speaking with data, what kind of education does Gu Ailing have? Welcome netizens to refute me

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First of all, I have no opinion on Gu Ailing.I would like to wish a beautiful, intelligent and talented Chinese girl a better future.For now, support and blessing her and her family in all their choices.But some of Gu’s fans make me sick.Gu’s success has satisfied these people’s illusory ideas and raised the influence of The Chinese factor on Gu.Of course, no one can deny that there is a Chinese component to Gu’s success.But if you say that Gu Ailing’s success lies in Chinese education, then I really can’t find any other word to describe you except ignorance.Gu Ailing’s success is a standard American student’s success, not a Chinese student’s success. Gu Ailing is an Olympic champion and a standard student with excellent academic performance.This is the quintessential American way of educating successful students.Of course, many American athletes are also poor in academic subjects, but some American athletes are excellent in academic subjects.Not to mention other fields, people are familiar with NBA athletes, there are students from several elite schools.Such athletes in the United States can make a living out of their studies, or even become highly skilled data analysts.Such athletes are rare in the United States, but not uncommon.Chinese athletes are completely out of touch with their studies. There are no examples of athletes and outstanding students.Chinese athletes, especially at the Olympic level.They may go to college, or even elite schools.But what about their studies?How do they graduate?It’s often the result of being too good to look at.Some top universities offer special policies for these athletes to help them graduate.Not only that, of course, but there are some strange and magical forces that make them graduate from elite schools in the United States and even Europe.Specific how to return a responsibility, we think a little to understand is how to return a responsibility.Taking the personal memories of a famous sports star as an example, you can look at the level of these athletes.On my first day at Tsinghua University, my teacher asked me to write 26 English letters, but I was stumped.But at this point, the athlete’s indomitable spirit immediately made me want to fight.Welcome to slap your face, you found an Olympic champion in China, but very good academically, no more examples, just one.After Chinese athletes retire, their best way out is to get a job in the system.Or coaching their sport, or relying on fame to do something.Without these factors, the fate of Chinese athletes, Olympic champions or not, is often very sad.Because in addition to being athletes, they do poorly academically when they go to college.Slap in the face is also welcome.Gu is an American student, and what impressed her fans most about her recognition of American education was that Gu’s mother said that 10 days in a Chinese tutoring class is equal to a year in the US.So the question is why Gu’s mother doesn’t allow her to study in China since Chinese remedial classes have such good learning effects.Not for a few days a year, but for nine years.Why do few Americans attend remedial classes in China when the results are so good?There are also special remedial classes for Chinese in the United States.Gu spends two months a year in China and 10 months in the United States.In the United States, they receive a complete degree education, while in China, they only receive part of the course guidance.Remember, Gu Wants to go to Stanford, not Tsinghua or Peking University.She has already put her money where her mouth is!Remember!Gu received a standard American education, supplemented by a Chinese one.Gu’s academic success is not so much a success of Chinese education as a success of American education.You may not like it or pay attention to it, but please kindly recommend it and forward it. Thank you!I am a college teacher, education topic, I am willing to share with you.Pictures from the network, infringement notice.This article is original, prohibit any form of infringement.