Spain 5J ham parts appreciation of dry goods

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Today bring you the ham world’s most famous Spanish ham 5J parts appreciation!Professional dry goods cutters can not only produce 5J ham slices of uniform thickness, containing the best taste and flavor of the ham slices;It is also possible to cut a ham in different ways with a knife and bring the balance of 4 parts to the diners.The MAZA is also the most attractive and easy to cut.The muscle tissue has a very beautiful oil flower distribution, the light red color is attractive, the palate is full of rich with a little acorn aroma and sweet taste, it is Spain’s top Iberian ham and the most representative part of the 5J.BABILLA is distinct from other patterns.Deep red ham has virtually no fat like marble snow ️.This is because BABILLA is at the front of the ham break, the opposite of the MAZA.5J purebred black pigs have a lot of exercise every day to breed lean meat, delicious and strong, with a clear sense of sweet, especially rich meat flavor.JARRETE With the arrival of the bone-in ham, the JARRETE part of the 5J bone-in ham became more and more popular.The shin of 5J is close to the heel, and the meat itself has a fascia layer, so it is full of chewiness and more lingering.And because the 5J ham naturally hangs in the ham cellar, the JARRETE part, though overflavored, is surprisingly juicy PUNTA5J near the hip.When a 5J ham is hanging in the century-old ham cellar, after months of natural maturation, the grease of the ham keeps spilling out and slowly sinks.Through years of natural cellaring, the flavor is naturally stronger, and the fat distribution shape is like the snow ️ grain, which is suitable for matching the part of diced ham close to the leg bone. The ham maker will change the knife to cut into diced ham.Paired with sherry or champagne, the chewy texture on its own makes the meat and wine even more addictive.Compared with sliced ham, diced ham soup can be used in dishes, with thick and light aroma and salty taste.Which part of the 5J ham do you like best or want to try most?Come and talk to me about it # Spain 5J ham 5J Iberia ham part of Spain 5J ham part of Spain 5J ham part of Spain 5J ham part of Spain 5J ham part of The map 5J ham part of Spain