Pig price violent shock, a new round of cold wave to attack!Pig prices in danger again?

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Check pig price, see market!Pig people hello, I am the pig god of wealth!From April until now, the market situation of domestic pig prices after a continuous rise in prices, has ushered in a lasting shock.In the pig price ushered in the shock drop at the same time, the price of soybean meal at the grass-roots level is also falling, especially with the international soybean meal price big price reduction, now the domestic soybean meal price also presents a continuous downward, now the overall offer is 4887 yuan per ton.And in the near future, the country also officially launched the 500,000 tons of soybean meal, I believe that with the expansion of control, the price of soybean meal at the grass-roots level has further space to fall.As soybean meal prices fall, feed prices are expected to begin to show a sustained downward trend.Some feed enterprises have been clear to further reduce the price of feed, now feed prices, drop has reached 100~300 yuan per ton.However, from the situation of the whole grass-roots market, soybean meal prices ushered in a decline, consumer demand is also showing the characteristics of decline.Before the Pig god of wealth believed that pig prices would continue to fall in April, because the rate of breeding sows is too slow, so the overall trend of pigs will be in a state of anxiety.In June 2021, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs pointed out that the number of breeding sows in The country was 45.64 million. By the end of January 2022, the number of breeding sows in the country was 42.9 million, down 0.9 percent month-on-month and 3.7 percent year-on-year.After more than seven months of continuous reduction of production capacity, now the total reduction of production capacity is 22.74 million head, the current breeding sow stock in China is still more than 104% of the normal year.It can be found that the absolute number of sows is still very high, even though farmers are increasing efforts to eliminate breeding sows, which also shows us that it is still very difficult for grassroots pig prices to show a big increase in April.For some group farms, as well as some large farmers, they are also in the layout of the next pig cycle, which is also leading to the current pig elimination speed of one of the reasons.Affected by the group pig farms continued to sell pigs, some small and medium retail investors are also facing the risk of reshuffle.For our farmers, the most critical thing in April is to ensure the safety of pig cash flow. If we can’t ensure the safety of pig cash flow, it is likely to face the result of exit at a loss in advance.Pig god of wealth also hope that we can use a normal heart to rationally judge the market trend, do not bet because of the market, gambling let yourself in a dilemma.Below we will pay attention to the specific situation of current countrywide pig price!Shanghai saw shandong 6.0-6.4, Anhui 6.3-6.5, zhejiang 6.6-6.7, jiangsu 6.4-6.6, Fujian 6.4-6.8, Jiangxi 6.3-6.5, North Hunan 6.0-6.3, Henan 6.0-6.3, Hunan 6.6-6.6, Guangdong 6.7-6.9Guangxi 6.3-6.8 saw hainan fall 8.0-9.0, while Beijing fell 6.1-6.3, tianjin fell 6.1-6.3, Shanxi fell 5.9-6.2, Hebei fell 5.6-5.9, Jilin fell 5.5-5.8, Liaoning fell 5.7-6.0, Shaanxi fell 5.9-6.1Gansu 5.6-5.9 pinged Chongqing 6.3-6.5, sichuan 6.3-6.5, Yunnan 5.9-6.1 pinged Guizhou 6.2-6.4