High-speed driving where the most dangerous look at the road sign line understand

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Where is the most dangerous part of high speed driving?Just look at the road signs!Highway signs and markings are not casually installed, there are road signs and markings in the safety of the university, if you are a novice, if you rarely on the highway, if you want to know which section of the highway is the most dangerous, then carefully pay attention to road signs and markings.Seeing the service area sign, we need to consider three safety issues: 1. How long has the car been continuously driven?Rest should go to the service area, especially Chinese New Year a lot of people are long, if this service is not rest, then the next service area will have to wait long, can not to the next service already feel tired, advice if feel tired, do not have to wait, got into the spirit of service area have a rest on the road again.2: If you want to enter the service area, you must change lanes in advance and drive to the right. If you do not enter the service area, you must change to the fast lane in advance.3: the vehicle is not short of oil, long distance vehicles also need a short rest.High-speed exit signs see high-speed exit signs we need to consider four issues: 1: see the high-speed exit first to know whether they need to exit from the high-speed, if the high-speed, need to change to the right in advance.2: meet the high-speed exit sign, to slow down in advance to avoid missing the intersection, there is a point intersection do not overtake.3: If you do not go to the exit, then it is necessary to change the lane to the fast lane in advance, to prevent vehicles from the fast lane oblique into the exit, there are too many people on the highway to miss the intersection to choose continuous lane change, such action is too dangerous.4: Since there is an exit, then the high-speed entrance is not far away, we should know how to prevent the entry of vehicles at low speed.When we see a traffic junction sign in front of us, we must know which highway we are going to change next and change lanes in advance.In general, there is one or more branches and inlet in the hub area. In these sections, we should try our best to drive in the fast lane to avoid interaction with incoming and outgoing vehicles.When we see tunnel signs, we should also consider four problems: 1: there is a big difference in the light outside the tunnel, and there will be a short-term visual blind area when entering and leaving the tunnel mouth.So into the tunnel to slow down, to give their eyes a period of adaptation, to prevent accidents in the tunnel entrance.2: immediately open the lights, the tunnel is generally used in the near light, of course, depending on the situation to use high beams, such as just into the tunnel to reduce the light contrast, or the tunnel light is too weak and there is no other vehicles in front.3: there is generally a speed limit in the tunnel, do not overspeed in the tunnel, overtaking.4: Most of the tunnels are forbidden to change lanes, so you should choose your own lane in advance when entering the tunnel. In general, take a taxi and drive on the right side, while drive on the left side of the car.Easy to slip sign to see the easy to slip sign first of all to advance oil, standby brake, and then hands hold the steering wheel, the same lane does not overtake.Cross wind sign to see the cross wind sign also to advance fuel, standby brake, hold the steering wheel, the same lane does not overtake, and to choose the windward lane in advance.Road construction signs Meet road construction signs, must first slow down and pay attention to the movement of other vehicles, and scan the rearview mirror, lane change in advance.Deceleration line and wrong visual line these two kinds of line generally appear in the toll station, high-speed exit, junction fork and tunnel, in and out of the high-speed ramp, its purpose is to let us understand the road ahead is about to change, we need to slow down in advance, as far as possible the same lane, not overtaking.After the oscillation mark appears, there will be a “boom” sound after the vehicle passes by, so many people will also be called the oscillation mark noise mark.This line is set in dangerous sections, the role is to make the vehicle slow down, anti-skid, rainy night reflection, vibration reminder, etc., once found on the highway this line means that the road ahead is a dangerous section, should slow down in advance, grasp the steering wheel, and concentrate on observing the road condition.