84-year-old man dating 57-year-old woman, demanding that the other party can drive, after fashion proposed a trial marriage request

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In the public’s mind, an 84-year-old man is an old man who needs someone to accompany and take care of him, even if he is in good health. He has nothing to do with driving a car, trading stocks or doing business.The emotional life of this age group old person, should be insipid and realistic.Even if you are single, the idea of finding a spouse is to have someone to accompany you and take care of you.But Li Yingwu, 84, who lives in Changchun, is an unconventional old man.He does not live according to ordinary people’s way of life, and has his own independent thinking and advanced consciousness.Old heart is not old, in the emotional life, is different from the public’s idea.Mr. Li is 84 years old and retired as an engineer at the First Automobile Factory.He has a retirement salary of 6000 square meters and a house of 107 square meters. He has married twice and both ended in divorce.Old life lonely lonely, he wants to find a wife, signed up for a TV dating program.His experience and demands caught the attention of the matchmaker.Because he’s the oldest, most demanding person on the TV dating show.He told the matchmaker that he wanted to find a wife who could meet three requirements: be able to drive, trade stocks and go out to talk about projects.Mr. Li said, the reason for these requirements, because they still have a lot of dreams, to achieve with his wife.He’s old, he’s demanding. This old man is unusual.The matchmaker was very curious, she went to Uncle Li’s home for a field visit, listen to the real idea of the old man, look at the family situation, hoping to find a high degree of matching lady, for the success of the blind date.The matchmaker arrived at Li’s house downstairs and called him. He immediately told the matchmaker that a black car parked downstairs was his new car.84-year-old buys a new car, can he drive it?The matchmaker saw several bright letters on the car: Old man and new hand.Uncle Li greeted his matchmaker warmly. He was hale and hearty, looking much younger than his real age.Walking, legs and feet are also very agile.Mr. Li told the matchmaker that he had bought the car for three years and had never driven it several times.Because he doesn’t drive very well.The reason to buy a car is to realize the dream of the car.Uncle Li likes driving. He got his driver’s license more than 30 years ago. Because he is busy with work, he has no time to practice driving.Three times in all, two times in all.Graduated from famous university, several decades ago with savings of seven figures Uncle Li lives in the car factory director building, he is a senior engineer, enjoy director treatment.Grandpa Li was a senior forging engineer in a car factory before he retired.Read 18 years, graduated from Harbin Institute of Technology, is a famous university graduates.Graduated from old university, retired senior engineer, monthly salary of more than 6000 yuan, no economic pressure.Grandpa Li’s goal in life is to live out his life, to live out his life, to be happy.Uncle Li is not an ordinary engineer, he once had his own patent products.He made a handsome profit from his patents more than decades ago.Made at least seven figures.Although the patent has now expired, this unique technology can still create its own economic benefits.When you were earning seven figures, you were supposed to be better off than you are now, or at least better off.According to Uncle Li’s terms, we should live in a high-end community.But Uncle Li now lives in an old community, look around, the interior is not decorated, from the living environment, is an ordinary condition of the people.A closer look at his clothes reveals that his trousers still have patches. In modern society, there are few people who wear patches.Claiming to have a lot of money uncle Li, how can life be so poor?Infatuated with stocks, sometimes a day to invest 1 million of his money in the original stock market, Uncle Li love stocks, this hobby let him a lot of money are wasted, one day even lost 1 million capital.Stocks do not love money, material but wear patched pants, and is their own sewing machine.His sister saw his brother’s material life so poor, very anxious, scold him can not live, always advised him to give up the stock market.But he was unmoved.And then I invested a lot of the money I made, and I recently invested another 400,000.You can be poor materially, but you have to be wonderful spiritually, he said. It doesn’t matter if I lose in the stock market, as long as I’m happy.My happiness and pleasure is to do what I want as long as IT does not violate national policies.I want to sell my project after I find my wife.Material can be barren, the spiritual world must be wonderful, uncle Li has such a life attitude, because his marriage is not very happy.Li’s first marriage was divorced after more than a year of marriage.The second marriage, after more than 20 years, because of uncle Li’s mother’s relationship, the two ended up in divorce.There are no big conflicts between husband and wife, just some family conflicts.Uncle Li has been living with his mother since his divorce, and he has been single since her death ten years ago.Uncle Li wants to find a woman who can get along well with him, who has common language, likes to speculate in stocks, can drive a car, and can talk about projects with uncle Li.Isn’t it tempting to have an old college graduate, a senior technical person, retired in a large state-owned enterprise, a good salary, a house, a car, and lucrative projects?Will his blind date go well?Can anyone meet his requirements?The first lady on the blind date, Liu Yun, 64 years old, divorced, pension 2300 yuan, rent a house.Ms. Liu wanted to find a knowledgeable wife and was satisfied with Uncle Li’s knowledge and talent.After the two sides met, Ms. Liu saw uncle Li with a patch of pants, she can not accept the blind date when still wearing patch pants, think Uncle Li is a little sloppy.Uncle Li has no requirements for appearance. He says it doesn’t matter if he is handicapped as long as he has something in common.Then into the mutual understanding stage, Uncle Li first asked, he is most concerned about a practical problem, is whether the wife has a house.When he heard that Ms. Liu did not have a house, he immediately expressed his opinion. The lady without a house did not consider it. He wanted to find a lady who had a house and lived alone.Because there was no house, she had nowhere to go and no way to get rid of them in the future, and there would be trouble over the house.In fact, Uncle Li was afraid that the woman would not leave his house in the future, and then fight with him for the property.Ms. Liu heard this meaning, she immediately said she had no interest in other people’s property.Uncle Li then put out his own criteria for choosing a spouse: will drive, will fry stocks, will do business.He said, Ms Liu does not.Mr. Li basically denied Ms. Liu as a blind date because of the housing problem and the fact that Ms. Liu had nothing in common with him.Ms. Liu also wants to use their own sincerity, she said, he found Mr. Li this age group of people, will do all the ideological preparation, will always take care of accompany to the old.He made it clear that he wanted to find someone who spoke the same language as him.He said he once met a woman in Beijing on a blind date on a website. She was of the same age as him, could drive a car and was very fashionable.He went to Beijing to live in the lady’s home, the two sides contacted for 17 days, very can make sense, because the Beijing lady let Uncle Li bear his medical expenses, two people break up.Uncle Li talked about this experience, high spirits, beside Ms. Liu compared to Beijing women, no luster.He will not choose, even if Ms. Liu has a sincere, but does not accord with his mind, he will not choose, this blind date failure.The second lady introduced by Uncle Li was Che Na, 57 years old, widowed, with a retirement salary of 2,300 yuan. She had no house and lived with her daughter.Cheena can drive and she’s good at it.She retired from faW Kindergarten and belonged to the same unit as Uncle Li.Car girl height 1.7 meters, a good figure, after retirement to join the elderly model team, retirement life arrangement is very exciting.84 years old and 57 years old, 37 years difference, such a big age difference, does the old man feel very gap?She and the original love is good, also did not want to find a wife, recently gave birth to a disease, feel life is very inconvenient, the child can not work to take care of, she had the idea to find a wife.She wants to look for a material condition to pass, the minimum retirement salary 5000 above, live alone have no burden of the wife.Matchmaker mentioned Uncle Li, at the beginning of the car lady feel uncle Li is old, big himself 27 years old, heard uncle Li is faW retired, and all aspects of the conditions are good, just want to see.When they met, they hit it off.Uncle Li is very satisfied with the car lady, especially satisfied with the car lady can drive.When it came to the age difference, Uncle Li hesitated a little. Later, he thought that he could contact and understand it first.During the formal conversation, Uncle Li expressed his thoughts on remarriage.He asked Ms. Che if she accepted the practice of co-habitation, which is the modern equivalent of a trial marriage, without marriage.Che lady immediately rejected Uncle Li, she said firmly do not accept, and feel sorry for yourself, is a kind of shame.She felt that she could not accept it. If both parties wanted to live together, they would have to register their marriage.Uncle Li saw Che lady disgusted, so he did not continue this topic, and then said his own idea, that is, after one hundred years, the house he lives in should be auctioned, and then give the money to his relatives.Mrs. Car was very angry, Uncle Li did so, is afraid of his remarried wife occupation of his house.So he solemnly reminded Ms. Che that his house would be given to his relatives in the future, and he was looking for a woman with a house.If Mrs. Cha doesn’t have a house, the marriage is off the table.Che lady see him so say, have no desire to continue to talk.She got up and walked, when he left, Uncle Li and the car to contact information, said he wanted to think about it, if you want to call the car lady.This man, Mr. Li, regards Ms. Che as someone he can decide whether to stay or go.Che lady did not think so, she heard Uncle Li said so, did not give him a phone number, did not give him a chance to consider.Confident uncle Li, two blind dates failed, what’s the problem?On the one hand, he said he had money, but in the stock market, he could not get it out. On the other hand, he bought a car, which he could not drive and needed his wife to see. On the other hand, he said he had a project, but it was still unknown whether he had one.But he wooed older women with money, cars, soon-to-be-profitable projects and a house, all the vanity projects he wanted his wife to do for him.Just think, an old woman, if no house, no source of income, lonely, looking for a wife to accompany, see Mr. Li this condition, although older, is not very good in all aspects?He wants to use his money to keep up appearances, and his car is also a front. In fact, he is very empty in his heart, and he has no economic strength. He does not want people to think about his money.On the one hand, they wear patched clothes and say they have a lot of money, but they can not take it out, they are in the stock market.What’s more, living with his wife, he can’t give her a marriage. In the end, the house has nothing to do with him. Instead of talking about feelings, he should talk about economic separation first.The old man was not looking for a wife, but for a companion.He never wanted to be with each other for long. He just wanted to get what he wanted.Every word Mr. Li said showed his ability, knowledge, and ability to make money.He is very demanding of women, but what can he give?In addition to an illusory reputation and invisible money, a temporary living house, but also can not feel at ease, once conflict occurs, will immediately let the woman go home.This is uncle Li’s view of marriage, do you think such an old man will have a woman in his future?