Three elder brother was white piao Xu Xin money!Small liao champion aura Wei Shihao reconciled to the maximum salary 600,000?

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Hao junmin, who spent 10 years with Shandong Taishan, left in the year when he was most likely to win the CSL title.This is destiny!Taishan fans are very keen on everyone who has contributed to the team, including Hao Junmin and Xu Xin, who is leaving after just one year to join Harbour.If Hao junmin does not choose to leave, there should be a happy ending in Shandong.He will lift the trophy and will probably join the coaching staff after retirement, just like Han Peng, Zhou Haibin and Shu Chang.One wrong move, may miss a lot.”Three elder brother” was “white piao”!Hao Junmin had no choice but to ask for salary on the 16th day of the first month. Although wuhan teammates and Wuhan native player Zeng Cheng publicly supported and begged for salary together, both wuhan club and the unpaid players were lossless.Even if there is a result, in fact, it is “kill 1000 enemy, self loss 800”.Wuhan club last year zhou Tong and other people for pay, this year more people, reputation over.Taishan club is enough, respect Hao Junmin’s choice, also did not accept wuhan club transfer fee.It was a failed move for Hao Jun-min, who missed out on the double and was badly underpaid when he returned home to avoid relegation.Some fans will think of Li Xiaopeng, “look for li to ask for money!”Li director does not know how to want it!According to Hao Junmin’s character, returning to his hometown team to play football is related to Li Xiaopeng, but it will not be decisive.Professional players are adults, make every decision must be carefully considered, if Hao Junmin chose to stay in Taishan, determined not to go, Li Xiaopeng can not reluctantly.Xu Xin and Hao Junmin are different, and everything is about money.In Evergrande, he could not play as the main force, because hao Wei’s appreciation came to Taishan and became the main force player for the whole 2021 season, but Xu Xin gave up the “1+4” contract renewal clause and decided to join Seaport.The three Taishan international players who also trained in Shanghai were unmoved, with some fans saying, “Who are those three?”There are only a few people, and you can guess almost everything on your fingers.The football association’s salary limit requires a maximum salary of 3 million yuan for local players, and The Harbour team certainly has a way to let Xu Xin get more than high income.Liao Lisheng has his own champion aura!One ex-Guangzhou midfielder left, another.Liao Lisheng is also hao Wei authorized internal aid, is also from a champion team to join another champion team.Liao, who was born in 1993, can play a variety of positions such as central midfield, central midfield and forward midfield. After getting used to Sun Junhao, Fellaini and other local players, he should be able to quickly integrate into Taishan Team.Since Hao Wei can snatch Liao Lisheng from many clubs, he will certainly have his instruction manual.Will Wei Shihao settle for a maximum salary of 600,000?It is very difficult.Wei Shihao traveled to The north and Guangzhou in the past three years, and now Guangzhou announced a maximum salary of 600,000 yuan for local players, which is the helpless move after the Gold yuan football.Wei Shihao and other guangzhou first-team players, certainly by a number of clubs to grab.Stability is the most important thing in the current Chinese football association, and if Wei shihao can get along well with taishan fans, he will be able to return to his old club.Of course, The Tarzan front court is competitive.Guangzhou team players open supermarket, good players quickly swept away.