“This Spring Festival, our family is finally complete!”

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“This Spring Festival, our family is finally complete!””December 6, 2009, I will never forget.That’s the day my little boy disappeared, and it’s been 12 years since.Because of your persistence, we have a reunion.This Spring Festival, our family is finally complete, thank you!”From Sichuan came to Guangzhou Haizhu kinship Mr. He tightly held the hands of the haizhu police, excitedly said.On January 17 this year, with the help of haizhu police, he’s family reunited with their youngest son Bing Bing (pseudonym), who had been separated for 12 years, just before the Spring Festival.12 years ago, Mr. He came to Guangzhou from his hometown in Sichuan province to work. His family lived in Chisha Village in Haizhu District.On December 6, 2009, Mr. He went to work at the construction site early. His wife, Ms. Zhou, was at home with their 5-year-old son, Bing Bing.That afternoon, Bing Bong went to his friend’s house nearby to play as usual.About 16 o ‘clock, Ms. Zhou found her son missing, quickly ran to the son often play in the place to look for, but did not find.In the evening, Mr. He came back from the site immediately after the situation to the police station to report to the police, and launched the villagers looking around.After receiving the alarm, haizhu District public Security sub-bureau Interpol brigade joint Guanzhou police station immediately organized police to carry out large-scale interception and investigation work.Because of the location of the incident is more remote, the police after a long time to find, try all methods, have failed to find traces of Bing Bing.”Over the years, we have not given up looking for Bing Bong’s whereabouts. Every year, we put all the information we have collected into the database for comparison. Whenever there is a hint of clues, we send people to the local area for verification, leaving footprints in Sichuan, Chongqing and Hunan.”Interpol brigade commander Jiang Chongbin said.For years, the police called Mr. He four or five times a year for information.”It is because you did not give up that I have strength and hope, so I have also posted ‘looking for children’ notices on major online platforms to seize every opportunity to find clues.”Mr. He said to the police.With the in-depth development of “reunion action”, all kinds of new achievements in criminal science and technology have emerged, and an important clue has emerged in front of the police.On December 31, 2021, DNA comparison showed that a Xing (pseudonym), a temporary resident of Baiyun District, was highly suspected of being the same person as Bing Bing, the son of Mr. And Mrs. He.The 17-year-old’s whereabouts were so uncertain that police had failed to find his temporary residence and the phone number he used was out of service.On the morning of January 17, 2022, the police finally found A Xing in the Fourth Meeting of Zhaoqing, Guangdong Province, and took him back to Guangzhou with consent.Mr. He, who learned this news, hurriedly took his wife, eldest son and youngest daughter from more than 1,000 kilometers away in Sichuan back to the guanzhou police station.When the police took Bing Bing into the lobby of the police station, Mr. He immediately hugged the child tightly in his arms.It is the unremitting efforts of the public security police, so that their relatives who have been separated for 12 years can be reunited.Maoming son “A Lei” has been missing for 25 years. His grandfather went all over the country to find his grandson. He always said that blood is thicker than water and family affection is hard to give up.On January 13, 2022, when the Spring Festival was coming, Mr. Liang and his wife from Maoming, Guangdong province finally met their son Lei (pseudonym), who had been lost for 25 years, in the conference room of Wushan Police Station, Tianhe District Branch of Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau.After 25 years of separation, everyone was moved by the touching scene of family reunion.On November 1, 1996, Mr. Liang and his wife lost their 5-year-old son a Lei in their hometown of Maoming.On the same day, while his grandparents were taking a nap, He went to the road in front of his house to play alone.When the old man woke up, he found lei had disappeared.After the grandson lost, the grandparents immediately called the police for help, while mobilizing relatives and friends to look around.Learned that their son lost, in guangzhou Tianhe district work Mr Liang and his wife very anxious.For more than 20 years, the couple searched everywhere, but there was no sign of Aray.A lei’s grandfather is all over the country, looking for the whereabouts of his grandson.On the way to find relatives, the family had hope, but ended up disappointed, but the faith in the heart of the reunion never disappeared.In February 2015, Mr. Liang and his wife came to the Tianhe District Police Bureau for help.The police immediately collected their DNA information in accordance with the regulations, and promptly submitted it to the national public security organs system for finding abducted/missing children. A large number of searches have been carried out, but no valuable clues have been found.In December 2021, Tianhe police in accordance with the provincial public Security Department, the city public Security Bureau unified deployment, a Lei’s photos reported to the Ministry of Public Security, found suspected a Lei’s Maoming nationality personnel Chen.Handled the police according to the requirements of the extraction of Chen’s DNA sent to the library, Chen’s sample quickly compared with Mr. And Mrs. Liang’s missing son lei is highly similar.Tianhe police immediately contacted Mr. Liang and his wife and Chen, the DNA of both sides of the comparison, confirmed that Chen is Mr. Liang and his wife 25 years ago lost son lei.Mr. Liang and his wife were delighted to hear the news.Ray, who was a child, is now an adult.”I have no recollection of that.But in my memory, I always felt like I had lived by the railroad as a child.I was surprised when I received the call from the police.”Ah Lei said his adoptive parents also live in Maoming. He has five sisters and the family treats him well.At 10 o ‘clock on January 13, a lei came to wushan police station early waiting, handling the police here to prepare a ceremony of kinship.A lei’s biological parents Mr. Liang, Ms. Deng and a lei’s grandfather, brother and other people came to the scene, the family hugged and cried, the mood can not calm for a long time.”I’ve been trying so hard to find you these years, hoping to see you again in my lifetime…”Ray’s grandfather kept repeating.He pulled out the missing person’s poster and a picture of Ray as a child.The paper on which the notice was signed was already yellow and deeply creased. The year of 1996, for a lei’s grandfather, was long and distant but close at hand.In Ray’s case, it was a vague imprint of his childhood.Relatives told a lei’s childhood dribs and drabs, and each other added wechat and phone numbers.Subsequently, the police read the identification documents to both sides, Mr. Chen and Mr. Liang couple in line with biological relationship, one family to tianhe police presented the banner to express deep gratitude.”Without your help, we might never have found our son on our own.Thank you so much for bringing our family together…”Mr. And Mrs. Liang said excitedly.For A lei and their loved ones, the recognition is just the beginning of a long road ahead.For parents who have yet to find a missing child, the road is even longer.Some of them have been abducted, some have disappeared, and for families, it is a tragedy of separation.With the help of zhanjiang police
She finally found her way home after 39 years
A reunion across Zhanjiang in Guangdong province, Shenzhen and Gejiu in Yunnan province after 39 years moved everyone present. Ms. Hu, who had been separated from her parents for 39 years, finally found her family with the help of the police in zhanjiang Economic development Area.Ms. Hu excitedly said to the police, “After 39 years, I am so excited and happy to finally find my family. I also want to thank the police of Zhanjiang Economic Development District. It is you who let me realize a dream of reunion that I thought was impossible in this life.”

A childish remark inspired her to look for her relatives
Back in the 1990s, Ms. Hu, who was still in primary school at that time, lived in a carefree childhood like other children.Until one day, a childish remark, broke her original peaceful life.

On that day, her classmates said, “You’re not biological!”It was a childish remark, but it left a deep impression on her young mind, and the seeds of truth took root in her heart.When she got home that day, she asked her parents if what her classmates said was true, but her parents said it was nonsense and ignored it.But the childhood Of Ms. Hu in the face of parents evasive words, they feel that there is something else hidden, but at that time she did not have the ability to explore the truth.

At the age of 16, like many other girls, Hu was in her rebellious phase. She often quarreled with her parents and became a “problem youth” in their eyes.One day, Ms. Hu’s grandmother told her that she had been adopted, but that since her adoption, her parents had treated her as if she were their own child, hoping that she could understand the difficulties of her adoptive parents.Hearing this news, she immediately asked her parents in front of her. At first, her parents still did not admit it, but when she said what her grandmother had told her, her parents knew they could not hide it and could only admit it.
“Reunion” gave her hope
More than 20 years have passed, and Ms. Hu has become a parent, and she deeply understands how difficult it is for parents.Since she knew she was adopted, she has not given up looking for her biological parents, but in the vast sea of people looking for a needle in a haystack.Until one day in 2021, Hu’s aunt told her adoptive parents that she feared she would be left with a lifetime of regret if she did not tell her the truth.

It turned out that when her parents picked up the baby, there was a piece of paper with her date of birth, a name and a place of work in Zhanjiang, Guangdong province.The adoptive parents then destroyed the note to cover up the truth.That information, Ms. Hu overjoyed, as if to see the dawn.But then I thought, the address is thousands of miles away in Zhanjiang, and she is not familiar with the place, looking for someone is like looking for a needle in a haystack.She then told a police friend about the incident and asked if there was anything she could do.Her friends told her that she could try to track down her biological parents through “Operation Reunion”, which was launched by the Ministry of Public Security.It happened that she knew a policeman from the Public Security bureau of Zhanjiang Jingkai District, who had been to Yunnan to handle the case, and turned to him for help.After receiving help, the police will reflect the situation to the open area public security bureau reunion special office.After receiving the clue, reunion special office leadership attaches great importance to, immediately assigned a criminal investigation brigade police in accordance with the clues provided by the other party to carry out verification work.

According to the clues provided by Ms. Hu, the police finally confirmed that Mr. Qian of Wuchuan nationality in Zhanjiang, Guangdong province may be Ms. Hu’s father, and immediately contacted Mr. Qian who was on a business trip in Zhanjiang.In the face of the police’s inquiry, Mr. Qian said that he did have a daughter lost while working in Yunnan, although he tried to find it, but never found it. Later, because of work, he returned to Guangdong and settled down in Shenzhen.After a series of information collection, the police immediately feedback the situation to Ms. Hu’s friends.Ms. Hu drove to Kunming the next day to take the flight to zhanjiang Jingkai District public security bureau.

Waiting for more than 30 year-end reunion dream
With the help of the police, Ms. Hu accepted relevant inquiries and collected relevant information.In order to be able to verify the blood relationship of two people as soon as possible, a criminal investigation brigade police timely contact the relevant departments, the situation of two people reported to check.

With the strong support of the superior department, the second day two people’s verification results will come out, confirmed that 2 people are blood relations, the police then arranged 2 people to meet.At the first sight of Ms. Hu, Mr. Qian recognized her as his daughter who had been lost for 39 years. The two couldn’t hide their emotion and tears filled their eyes.

The next day, two people printed with a “great love boundless kindness,” the words of the banner to the open area police bureau criminal investigation of a large group of police hands, thank the police for their help.Mr. Qian said, a small flag, far from enough to express their gratitude to the police, thanks to “reunion action” let their father and daughter in their lifetime dream come true.If you’re the parent of a missing and abducted child
Or suspect they were abducted or unknown
How to find relatives?
Please follow the criminal investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security
The Guide to Finding relatives turned to the police for help

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