The powerful mother-in-law broke up her son’s marriage, and the son remarried to help raise someone else’s child, breaking his heart

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There is really no regret medicine in the world.The powerful mother-in-law broke up her son’s marriage.Son remarried, divorced with one child.My son’s second marriage didn’t go so well.Working so hard to raise someone else’s child.Life is full of noise.And their own children, they don’t grow up around.The son could not bear such a life and divorced for the second time.My name is Zhao Limei (pseudonym), a retired worker.Tell us the story of our family.After his son graduated from university, a girl from other places was introduced by friends (Zhang Min, alias).The girl later became his wife.I am not satisfied with my son’s marriage.Just graduated from the university of boys, not to struggle for the cause, bent on falling in love.But the son was stubborn.He was then fresh out of college and had no idea of life.Zhang Min is also a recent college graduate.When two young people get together, they just play without worrying about the rest of their lives.The young couple’s love displeased neither of our parents.The woman’s family thinks that if a girl marries far away, her marriage will end sooner or later.To keep them from getting together, we each tried our best.But young people like to work against us.The more we stop them, the harder they get.Zhang Min simply quit her job in her hometown and came to our city to find a job.Two of them got their licenses anyway.It’s just that the marriage wasn’t planned from the start.They are in a hurry to get married because the wedding house has not been decorated yet.My son didn’t earn much at that time, so he had to live with us.Originally we prepare for the son’s marriage is the housing, the delivery of a period of time.In addition, I am not satisfied with his marriage, for the follow-up housing, decoration of the matter is not very concerned.Two generations living together, either you wronged, or I wronged.But the house is mine, they eat, they live, we pay for everything.We were on the outs before we got married.After marriage to live together, is not in quarrel, is on the way to quarrel.After all, the son was young and didn’t know how to deal with these things.He and Zhang Min’s feelings are also in the day after day contradictions between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law were consumed almost.The conflict between our mother-in-law and daughter-in-law came to a head after the birth of our grandson.My son wants to go out, but I refuse.Zhang Min insisted on going to the maternity center.But I don’t want to pay for it.My son asked me to lend him money, but I still refused.Finally, the mother asked for a month, so that the new parents successfully through the period.I was happy to have my grandson.But the couple and I don’t have the same parenting style.We often argue about how to raise the kids.During that time, Zhang Min cried in her bedroom every day.My son has to go to work and come back to face some messy business.They quarreled as much as they quarreled with me.I am a very strong person.In the unit has been engaged in financial work, life also maintain a rigorous habit.Most of the time, I just won’t give in.These two eat mine, use mine, and have so many opinions.During her maternity leave, Zhang Min ate rice with tears almost every day.Her family asked little of her.Because insisted to marry far away, broke his parents’ hearts.It’s good enough to pay for her nanny.After the maternity leave, Zhang took the baby back to her parents’ home.It was a short time apart.The son is also stubborn temper, also do not chase after her mother’s home to see.I was also very domineer at that time and did not persuade Zhang Min to come back earlier.Always want to teach her daughter-in-law a lesson, let her know that a married woman can not casually back home.Always thinking she’d be sent back by her parents.Who knows, the daughter-in-law went back to her parents, first admitted her fault, and then changed a job.After her child turned one, Zhang asked for a divorce.My son didn’t agree at first, but Zhang Min was very firm and didn’t want to live with us.Unless the son went to live in her mother’s city, it would end in divorce.If we want our only son to live with our daughter-in-law, we will be ashamed to go out.I wouldn’t agree for the world.The son was divorced.Originally noisy home, suddenly quiet down.My husband is a good-tempered man.You’ve been so tolerant of me all these years.He never chimed in on his son’s marriage.He kept quiet about what happened at home.If you don’t know, you think he’s dumb.I thought the daughter-in-law was divorcing in anger.How is she going to live with the baby? She’s coming back to us.I encourage my son to pay child support only once a year.My son didn’t listen to me this time.He went to see Zhang Min and the children whenever he had time.Every time he came back from Zhang Min’s, he kept silent for a long time.The son ran away from each other for three years and remarried.I’m even angrier about who I’m marrying.Divorced woman with a boy.What made me even angrier was that my son moved out.He rented a house outside instead of the wedding house I prepared for him.The son worked so hard that he had to support his own son while raising other people’s children.I’m supposed to support my own grandchildren, but other people’s children are taking my grandchildren’s resources.When the second daughter-in-law came to my son, it was like looking for a long-term meal ticket.Her ex-husband rarely pays child support.Because raising other people’s children, the son’s heart is also very uncomfortable.The boy is eleven years old, so he will not treat my son as a father.Boys of all ages do not obey discipline at all.He is very naughty and often gets into trouble.My son had to clean up after him.My son’s remarriage is still a mess.I didn’t go looking for trouble this time.But the second daughter-in-law always finds an excuse to ask us for money.Zhang Min asked me for money only once before. She wanted to go to the maternity center.I didn’t even say yes that time.I don’t know how my son found such a cheeky woman and had the nerve to ask us for money.Her son is not related to our family by blood.The second daughter-in-law didn’t get the money, so she went to complain to my son.My son doesn’t care about these things.He was just looking for a partner to live with, who knew he would be so uncomfortable.The two of them often quarreled about giving money to their children.The new daughter-in-law won’t allow my son to pay child support, every time there is a fight.She wanted to bleed my son dry and give it to her own son.The son and his second wife got divorced after a rocky year.The woman was crying her eyes out for a divorce.How could she give up this permanent meal ticket.She was living on her own with a boy, and it was as hard as it could be.After a long time to have a stable life, and now to separate.That’s not how my son sees it.The son misses his child madly.My son gets upset just thinking about his children calling someone else daddy.He regretted having married again in haste.He told me he used to think kids were all the same.But no biological children, how to raise are not their own.My son just wants to go to work.Save your money so that your biological children can have a better life.I have some reasons for my son’s two failed marriages.I was too bossy with Zhang Min.Just because I live in my house, I can come as I want.After my grandson left us, I often looked at his picture and cried.I wonder if the baby will remember her grandparents.My son once brought his grandson back to show us.Our old couple hugged the baby and kissed again and again.The day my grandson came home, I cried so much THAT I couldn’t eat.The husband also cried, who does not love their own grandson.But at this point, there’s nothing anyone can do.My husband advised me not to be too bossy.If I’d let them live out, we wouldn’t be where we are today.Sometimes I think my son was not mature in all aspects when he got married.A big boy just out of school, how can bring happiness to each other.We’re the only people our son can count on.I must be in menopause, grumpy not good.If I had been more gentle, Zhang Min would not have been at odds with me.If you marry at a time when you are least able, your son will not be able to live his own life.Later, when he was able, he raised other people’s children.My son has told me more than once that he wants to see his children every day after work.But when he came home, he found someone else’s child.The son was not impatient with the child.But the child also refused to accept him, a father never called out.For the sake of my own grandson, I really hope my son and Zhang Min remarry.Zhang Min never remarried.Maybe she didn’t want to hurt her kid.I wonder how my grandson would be treated if he went to live with someone else.Would it always be as bad as we were with the child?It breaks my heart to think of my precious grandson living at the mercy of other people.A child as young as that knows nothing about the world.A child who was supposed to have a complete family will no longer have a complete father’s love.The son wants to remarry Zhang Min.But she kept saying no.Maybe our family went too far.I called to apologize, too.But Zhang refused to agree to remarry.If they ever get married again, I’ll give them the house to live in.If you don’t want to live around us, you can go to Live with Zhang Min’s mother.I have a pension and my husband is going to retire, so I don’t have to worry about our pension.Nothing in life is perfect.One must learn to be soft.It serves me right to think about it.Why do you always look down on your daughter-in-law?She lived with us, put up with a lot of my bullying.When they got divorced, it was my own grandson who suffered.If they don’t remarry, what will happen to their grandson?My son feels sick all the time now.He’s too embarrassed to blame me. He only has himself to blame.A bad marriage made my son look older than his age.Hair went bald at a rate visible to the naked eye.I don’t know if I’m under pressure or sad.He had developed a habit of overeating and drinking, and the results of his medical examination were very worrying to me.So, we mothers-in-law, don’t be too hard on our daughters-in-law.If the daughter-in-law is driven away, the son may not find a better one.My grandson is still out there, not knowing when he’ll be back with us.This is one of the heaviest submissions I’ve received in a while.They say divorce hurts kids.But who can understand the daughter-in-law’s despair.I don’t know what to do in my husband’s house.There are also many worries about reuniting families.Not everyone can meet a god with a soft heart, not everyone can accept other people’s children.We have to have dinner with our parents, we have to face a lot of practical problems.There are more things to worry about when reuniting a family.So cherish your family.I hope every girl can meet a responsible boy.May everyone be surrounded by love and kindness.