Shanghai teacher missing for 20 years after traveling alone!Leftover women, dare to travel in China?

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I saw a piece of news on the Internet, about 20 years ago, a female teacher in Shanghai named Lu Qing went out for a trip alone, and then disappeared for 20 years.Her destination happened to be Jiangsu and Anhui.Born in 1974, she was 26 years old, 1.72 meters tall and 50 kilograms in weight. She was a female teacher at Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Foreign Language School.Now in this environment, it must be domestic leftover women are afraid to travel alone, especially domestic travel.Even if two leftover women travel together, in fact, the risk is also very big.For human traffickers, two leftover women are like two bludgers selling two living people.Even if there is GPS positioning, should also be of no help, human traffickers professional methods, will certainly be captured to travel left female stripped bare, and then QJ transfer to sell.Crazy county for this thing, did not see the leftover women Shouting.In fact, they are very foolish.After all, a solo trip risks being chained to a baby-making machine.Over the next two decades, the world is likely to get worse.For leftover women, even at the age of 45, the value of having a baby is high.Moreover, if it is the only child in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, when she is 45 years old, her parents are 70-80 years old, there will be no one to fight for her justice in the future, and there will be no one to look for her.What she has saved, she will be eaten.Leftover women, even if they don’t travel far, run the risk of being robbed by a van in the city.There’s a video online of a van snatching a woman. It came to light a few years ago.A video like this needs to be caught on a security camera.If not, they’ll sink to the sea, and most likely they’ll be put on a chain.Last year, a female returnee was murdered in Shanghai’s Changning district. Her body was stuffed in a suitcase by a masked man.According to the news, the woman returned from the UK and found a probationary job in Shanghai. She lives alone in a rented house in Changning District.That community is an old community with many tenants.The man was said to be the woman’s principal landlord and had been eyeing her for a long time.With the increasing number of singles in Our country, singles will enter an era of family disintegration, so that there will be a large number of abnormal men, will do these unreasonable things, and those abnormal men are also outlaws.Thus, it is a huge risk for leftover women to live alone in first – and second-tier cities.Before, in my country, men and women got married and started a family, then the community was full of neighbors and everyone was familiar with them, so they had a sense of security.Later, we are single men and women, the community is all tenants, people are coming and going do not know each other.The sense of security disappears.If you’re a leftover girl, if you’re targeted, you could be drugged.Just like the black shop in the water Margin, specialized drugs down passengers.From this point of view, unless all traffickers are sentenced to death, otherwise, the personal safety of leftover women is very worrying.Because, in the eyes of traffickers, leftover women are just walking prey and worth a lot of money.In the context of the chain, ugly leftover women also have a market.Ugly leftover women, do not secretly rejoice, feel so ugly, is no one want.All wear iron chain, which return tube you ugly beautiful, is this truth?