Rizhao Mobile: to ensure the smooth network of wulian venues for the provincial Games

2022-06-17 0 By

Shandong province 25th Games will be held soon, Rizhao Wulian county jointly built three venues to ensure the convening of the provincial games, it is a great blessing for the people of Wulian, the construction of wisdom venues also smoothly into the final stage.On March 18, after receiving the smart venue construction notice from wulian Executive Committee of the provincial Games, Rizhao Mobile Wulian Branch quickly set up an information business construction commando team. The work deployment meeting was held on the same day to clarify the division of labor, specify responsibilities, reverse the construction period, and immediately carry out the construction and guarantee work of the smart venue as required.The commandos voluntarily gave up their weekends to devote themselves to the construction of smart venues.We completed the optical cable layout of the three venues in one day on March 19. Through overtime work, we finished the optical path commissioning at 22:00 on the same day, and also carried out the installation and debugging of related special lines and fixed telephone equipment.Finally, through the linkage of cities and counties, multi-department cooperation, on March 22, the three venues of wulian Provincial Games successfully completed the installation of gigabit Internet and gigabit data line, as well as the installation of competition security telephone, and completed the coverage of indoor and outdoor 5G signal, exceeding the time node to complete the requirements of customers, and received high evaluation from customers.Wulian mobile as a provincial games venue information panel unit wisdom, as in the state, as the dominant operator, the mission has always been explorations, between staying a duty, between staying and responsible, and give full play to the mobile 5 g and the information service advantages, fully protect provincial games wulian venues of Internet, mobile power for wulian informatization construction.(Correspondent MAO Shujuan)