Quietly guard, quietly wait for you as before

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It’s a new day and the sun is shining.Spring, the most like is the sun, shining on the body, warm, that kind of warm, is the whole body up and down which are comfortable warm.Walking in the empty street, is another mood, quiet, very quiet!At this time of quiet, so that their mind to purify, and even sublimation.Streets, there are police patrol cars, they stick to their posts day and night, dutifully guarding the small city.Every day, I read about the number of COVID-19 patients on the official website and the news of the search for contacts.Once, gave you unlimited freedom unlimited happiness of the city, now, you have to pay for your early freedom again, is home quarantine……Life was precious, freedom is the embodiment of life, if you can not live freely in this city, your heart, how painful and sad!How to be free as soon as possible requires your efforts and efforts.Control their own heart, more control their own people.A touch of new green, drunk spring.Blurred vision doesn’t make perfect pictures.The heart is painful, painful this is called sick city, painful all the people in this small city.In a hurry, I went to the vegetable market to buy vegetables.Used to be very close, now very far very long!Buy the same, how to eat well, is also a kind of planning.Wisdom in life comes from life. If we have enough dried vegetables and meat for our family to eat, we will not be afraid of the time limit for home quarantine because of the infinite spread of the virus!I am proud to say that I have voluntarily prepared for home quarantine and have been at the behest of the government.I wish everyone could work together to prevent the epidemic from spreading…Cities are not sick. What is sick is the human body, the human heart.When the crisis comes, how should you react? Do not affect the work of the government, do not delay your own life, do not complain, do not gossip, do not add more trouble to the government!In spring, the mountains and rivers are still beautiful, the sun is more brilliant, and life returns to orderly health.Quietly wait, quietly guard, quietly accompany, quietly with the small city, quietly in peace!2022.3.27