Personnel Changes in the Aftermath of Nong Zhi Gao: The Ups and downs of official Career Depends on the number of friends (47)

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In 1053 AD, Di Qing destroyed the nong Zhi Gao rebellion, let Song Renzong night clothes to eat the guangyao crisis finally calmed down.But the fallout is far from over.Di Qing: the fate of the general Di Qing standard image before the war, Di Qing was already the deputy privy Council, after winning the court, the official promoted to become a privy councilor.Promotion of others is a good thing, but this di Qing promotion, but became a bad thing.Zhao Song dynasty had their own country is not straight, in order to put an end to the five dynasties and ten countries since the wu will rely on the problem of independence, Zhao Zhao two will be the power of the suppression of the wu.Still remember the guangzhou city, from the wupin civil officer Wang Kai will be wupin’s military commander Wang Shining beheaded events?The same is five products, but wenwu is not like mud.Di Qing was promoted to privy councillor step by step by virtue of his merits. His merits were beyond reproach. What civil officials and the emperor questioned was his identity: because you are a military general, you are now in a high position, which is a mistake in itself.Di Qing was advised that we should not be privy councillor.Di Qing said, “I am not appointed as a privy councillor for myself. I am appointed as a privy councillor for all the armed men of the world.I want to show all the soldiers in the world that if they fight well, they can hold high positions as scholars do.”Di Qing: Han Shu close achievement official position and I general, I less a jinshi and ear Di Qing also asked the first civil officer of the Wen Yan Bo, why do you want to pull me don’t put?Wen Yan Bo every word to say: “without him, the court doubt.”This sentence hit Di Qing like a thunderbolt.The civil officials seized every opportunity to attack Di Qing, but they could not find any problems from the aspects of moral integrity and work performance, so they could only invent things out of nothing. Ouyang Xiu attributed the floods in Kyoto to the high position of the military general and said it was Di Qing’s problem.When Emperor Renzong recovered from a serious illness, he told Liu Chang, “Your Majesty, you have recovered from your illness this time.The civil officials insisted on getting rid of Di Qing. Song Renzong said, “Di Qing has done so much meritorious service that he is a loyal minister of our great Song Dynasty.”Wen Yan Bo rebuttal way: “in those days taizu also used to be zhou Shizong’s loyal minister?”In a word, thoroughly hit di Qing under the cliff.Di Qing was banished to Chenzhou, where the emperor sent people to visit her several times a month. Di Qing lived with rumors and slander every day.Each time the messenger came, he would be surprised for a long time, and soon three years later in 1057, a generation of generals, sad death.She was 49 years old.The god of War died in the myth of the literati. The tomb of Di Qing, located in gongyi city, Henan Province, commented on Di Qing: the general who was terrified by the enemy on the battlefield was so frightened by the criticism of the imperial court that he died of depression.Di Qing will place himself on all sides of the enemy’s court, is not wise behavior.The Imperial court of the Song Dynasty in order to prevent the military generals sitting into the situation, excessive operation, in all sides of the enemy environment, but also to the military generals too much attack, frequently self-destruction of the pillars of the state, the final two emperors north, is also retribution.Yang Tian: There are many friends and many people to help.Yang Tian was a subordinate of The Yang family. He was born as a jinshi. Although he was a civil servant, he was also regarded as a man of my generation and did not reject him.Yang Tian was good at poetry and prose and had many literati friends. In his early years, he suppressed the riots of the Yao people in Hunan and got a promotion. Later, he applied for the post of minister of transfer.When Nong Zhi Gao rebelled, Yang Tian was ordered to go to war. However, due to his low official position and poor coordination of the leadership, his subordinates went their own way and defeated two generals.Hapless he had not even formally fought a battle, the court ordered him to assume leadership responsibilities.Yang Tian was directly hubei Ezhou when the governor, and later was demoted to Tuntian minister, and then was demoted to Hubei Laohekou mayor.It is equivalent to three successive demotions.No one believed in his reputation as a Confucian scholar.Logically, Yang Tian was planted in a ditch.However, Yang Tian was a man of letters. He wrote good poems and had many friends, all of whom helped each other.Yang Tian, a former scholar of the Imperial Court, had a circle of friends that Di Qing did not have. Yu Jing wrote to the court, “Although Yang Tian did not fight well in Shaoguan, England, it was also his credit that he was able to secure Lianzhou and Hezhou.Now we have received awards many times for combating rebellion, but Yang Tian has not been defeated yet.”Yu Jing will seal his son’s treatment back to part of the court, in exchange for the court’s tolerance of Yang Tian.Yu Jing’s interdiction worked, Yang Tian was promoted, from the old mayor of the estuary into the mayor of Shaanxi Bin County, also long two level wages.His two other friends, CAI Xiang and Han Qi, often mentioned Yang Tian in their work reports, saying that it was not his fault that he had failed in the battle to the South and praising him for his achievements in Pingyao, Hunan. Soon, Yang Tian was promoted to the post of a resident and later to the post of an emissary to Hedong.Subsequently, zhao Bian, his good poetic friend, from his two years as imperial historian Zhongcheng, often told the court that “Yang Tian’s ability should not be idle in the local government but should be placed in the central government.”In this way, in 1058, Yang Tian was promoted to the office of foreign Minister of the Ministry of Civil Affairs. In 1060, Yang Tian was transferred to the office of patent control. Before his death, the highest official was appointed to the office of Longtuge, and the office of Foreign minister was appointed to the Ministry of Civil Affairs.By contrast, Di Qing died unhappy in 1057 while Yang Tian was rising steadily under the care of his friends.In the little prince’s TV sketch, there is a sentence, “Ping Ding Nong is a wise man. Di Qing does all the hard work, and Yu Jing does all the meritorious work and awards.”Nan Qi wins back, naturally is the victory of the civil group, Yu Jing as a civil representative, by many awards, even their own embarrassed to pick up, had to transfer a batch of corrupt Yang Tian before.The emperor say: today by a sweat smelly han fume kill, spout spit on my face.Yu Jing, do you hear me?Yu Jing was also a native of Shaoguan. Thanks to zhang Jiuling of the Tang Dynasty, the Meiguan Road was repaired, which made it much more convenient for scholars in Guangdong to study.When He was an official in Guangzhou, it was too difficult for him to rebuild the city wall. Therefore, he preferred to be mayor of Guangzhou rather than do the obvious dirty work. Finally, Wei Du got the job.To pacify Nong Zhi Gao is to defend our country.Di Qing is wei, shaoguan yu Jing but the real guarantor ah.But in that way, he was really no good.And Yang Tian tian crotch, did not help Yang Tian to coordinate a good relationship, pit miserable good friends.Do Di Qing deputy, and want to be greedy, out of work and all let the general on the back of the pot.After di Qing finished the battle, Yu Jing conducted a big search in Yongzhou city, captured Nong Zhigao’s mother Anong and her son, and tried to lure Nong Zhigao to appear.Yu Jing is a good material for logistics and management, nothing more.In 1053, he was appointed minister of Works, and in 1054, he became a bachelor of Jixian Academy.He served as minister of Household.By 1063, they were retired at home, and were also appointed minister of Works.Yu Jing all the way to promotion, official road to enjoy.Yu Jing is that “let him three feet and what harm” in the song Dynasty, the official name is not important, just show a grade, the specific emperor let what matter is the most important.Yang Tian was low in rank, but the emperor’s assignment was too important and he could not coordinate resources and relations well.Mianyang Sun: She and Di Qing went through several times of fear and fear. She turned out to be a corrupt official.At the time of Di Qing’s rebellion, The highest-ranking sun Mianyang was also the one who was most frightened by Di Qing. At the beginning, Di Qing made a powerful beheading of the general, which frightened Sun Mianyang badly. Later, in the decisive battle of Quirenpu, the Chinese army where Sun Mianyang was, was also the decoy of Di Qing, which frightened Sun Mianyang almost to death.However, after winning the battle, Sun Mimianyang was promoted to deputy general.Later, when Sun Mianyang went to work as the mayor of Hangzhou, the problem of greedy money became apparent.In the meantime, this guy and brothel poet Liu Yong became friends with prostitutes, so that his virtue suffered, in 1059, was demoted to a false post.Sun mianyang’s handwriting was also very good.He was also a jinshi, and had many friends all over the world. No matter how big an official was, no matter how big a mistake he made, it was still a small problem.Sue sealed in nong think high walls of guangzhou city, righteously, bring in the siege of guangzhou, at the same time with a cork xijiang, broken nong wisdom in high way, was the court awards, awarded the guangdong prison, followed Yu Jing et of repression, he is influenced by Chen Shu invasion involved only a scholar without authorization, and reviled room state department horse, then mixed decade position.In the end, he achieved great achievements in the mayor of Yongzhou and will be remembered forever.Xiao notes that when Nong Zhigao besieged Guangzhou, he attacked the thief’s ship with fire to encourage the army and people in Guangzhou.Di Qing conquered yong Zhou City and became the wartime mayor of Yong Zhou.Su was not a big official, but what he did was so great that he deserves a chapter.Huai Su gong through the ages