More and more customers why the whole customization market “new favorite”

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“Are you the Golden Ornament?””Yes.How can I help you?””Recently you launched the whole family custom 100 sets, there are?””Is there a difference between a whole house and a whole outfit?”Do you have any more promotions for March 15?…Jinhuang decoration store sales of the hot scene.Recently, in jinhuang decoration of the door store, the customer’s phone is exploding, asking the most or the whole house customized.Why is whole customization so popular?Through visiting jinhuang decoration, we seem to find the relevant answer.In recent years, with the time cost of the first and second tier cities increasing year by year, more young people have no time, no energy, no experience to do the choice of decoration, they are inclined to one-stop purchase qi, free of direct check-in.The change that lives in demand, spawned the arrival of whole family custom-made era.Jinhuang decorates the entire custom model room.The essence of the whole home is to help consumers realize from a house to a home. It not only meets the needs of consumers at home once, but also saves time costs for consumers.In the decoration: integrated design, one-stop decoration, one-time purchase, one-time delivery, no intermediate links, not a “pit”;In the design, we pay more attention to the individual needs of customers, the overall layout of space, reasonable collocation of items, unified design style;However, the essence of packaging is still to sell products, and there are problems such as inconsistency between design and final style of products, inconsistency between list and final product delivery, and inconsistency between signing orders and final price settlement.Because of this, the overall customer complaint rate in recent years is generally high, while the market share is declining year by year.Jinhuang decorates the entire home custom picture.Due to the high market share of the head home decoration enterprises, with a strong user entrance, attracting suppliers on the downstream industry chain, have joined the strategic alliance of the head home decoration enterprises, so that the whole product is not only excellent quality, but also very low price.Jin huang decoration, for example, through the global in, is now up to nearly 200, strategic alliance from the base to the soft outfit, from custom cabinets, furniture, household electrical appliances to bedding, curtain accessories, etc., there are multiple varieties to choose from, not only can fully meet customer demand, household and actual cost is much lower than the market customers to choose their own price.Jinhuang decoration brand partners held integrity initiative oath ceremony.At the beginning of 2022, Jinhuang decoration released the whole customization plan, loudly put forward “the whole customization, good living is not expensive”, with “six advantages”, to create “the whole customization” industry new standard:Good complete 8 daqo installation configuration, basic hard outfit, main material, auxiliary material, mobile furniture, curtain accessories, household appliances, household intelligence, bedding, daily necessities a station to buy qi, without carrying a bag, directly in;Good health Blue sky dolphin net aldehyde diatom board/Opai ecological board customization, net aldehyde diatom paint, net aldehyde diatom pad, water purification system, antibacterial waterway system, mute system, fresh air system, smart home system nine health systems, improve health quality;Good quality main material, auxiliary material, the whole house famous brand;8 level construction control, 32 goldsmith processes to ensure timely, high quality and satisfactory delivery;Good intelligent Huawei 5G gigabit fiber full coverage, standard with Ourebo home intelligent system, to achieve lighting, switch, curtain one-click control;Good appearance level whole house mobile furniture international new products, customized personalized needs, famous teacher team design, thousands of eight theme styles, Cool Family 720 panoramic display;Good and economical global brand strategic cooperation, manufacturers gather at the source, reduce customers’ decoration cost by 40-50%, save time and effort, save secondary decoration indirect cost.Jinhuang decorates the entire home custom picture.At the beginning of 2022, Jinhuang Decoration launched the whole customization new products, with the “four subversive service matrix” comprehensive focus on “the whole customization, soft outfit customization, old outfit refresh, old room refresh”.According to statistics, the proportion of the whole customization reached 30% of the company’s order number, the old renovation and refresh business rose rapidly compared with the same period last year, and the customer arrival rate, order rate and operation rate were better than the historical level of the same period.At present, the first 100 sets of customized limited edition of the whole house have been sold out. In order to meet the strong market demand, Jinhuang Decoration has launched another 100 sets for the market, and the relevant 3.15 rights and interests monthly preferential activities remain unchanged.