Make driving safer, inventory of the current better autonomous driving models

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Intelligence has become the main competition point of automobiles, and every automobile company is constantly promoting its intelligence or autonomous driving function. It is believed that the word “autonomous driving” will appear more frequently in our life in 2022.Although currently limited by laws and regulations, the intelligent driver assistance system in China can only stay at L2 level, it is undeniable that these intelligent driving systems can effectively reduce the driver’s driving fatigue degree and tension degree in many cases, and avoid some accidents at certain times.However, intelligent driving is also divided into “three, six, nine”, different models have different performance.For example, the intelligence level of some cars has exceeded L2 level, but has not fully reached L3 level. They can move or avoid obstacles automatically, and the intelligence level will be higher.Today, in this article, let’s take a look at which models of advanced intelligent driver assistance system on the market are the most bright spots.Wei Brand Mocha mocha is the first mass-produced model of Great Wall Coffee Intelligent platform, equipped with industry-leading intelligent driving assistance technology.The vehicle is equipped with 5 millimeter-wave radars and 12 ultrasonic radars, and its NOH intelligent piloting driving assistance system can realize intelligent on-ramp/off-ramp, intelligent avoidance of large vehicles, avoidance inlet and other functions.Mocha’s NOH system is advanced both in terms of hardware sensors and usage scenarios.Of course, Mocha is not blindly pursuing the high order in the field of intelligent driving, in terms of power, it can be said that the sincerity is full.It not only provides powertrain of 2.0t +9DCT+48V light hybrid power system, but also 1.5T plug-in hybrid power system, pure electric range of 204km, comprehensive fuel consumption of 100km as low as 0.45L.It is believed that this car will be recognized by more consumers with its outstanding intelligent strength.When it comes to driver assistance among traditional luxury brands, BMW is definitely on the list.Recently listed iX is BMW representative models of intelligent driving technology is a highly integrated, is also the first 8 million pixels front-facing camera and monitor range of up to 300 meters in front of radar system models, with new automated driving assistant system Pro, which can realize including emergency brake assist, auxiliary, multiple functions such as automatic parking lane change,It also further optimizes traffic conditions and driving habits unique to China.In addition, the iX is equipped with a vehicle bus of gigabit Ethernet, with combined transfer speeds of 30Gbit per second, and is one of the first luxury cars in the world to adopt 5G connectivity technology.In terms of power, the iX is equipped with the fifth-generation BMW eDrive electric drive technology, in which the xDrive50 version can accelerate to 100km in 4.6 seconds and has a maximum range of 665km under the CLTC standard.IX also shows us the profound technical strength reserve of BMW and other traditional manufacturers.Xiaopeng P7, as an enterprise positioned as “intelligent vehicle with a better understanding of China”, has made remarkable achievements in automobile intelligence in recent years, especially the PERFORMANCE of xiaopeng P7 equipped with NGP intelligent driving assistance system, which attracts many eyes.The P7 has the most powerful autonomous driving hardware among current production cars, including 14 cameras, 5 millimeter-wave radars and 12 ultrasonic radars, with high-speed autonomous navigation driving, parking memory and other functions.In terms of power, P7 is divided into dual motor four-wheel drive performance version, rear drive long endurance version, rear drive super long endurance version and standard endurance version. Among them, the 0-100km/h acceleration time of performance version is 4.3s, and the comprehensive endurance of super long endurance version is over 670km.In general, although Xiaopeng automobile has not been established for a long time, the excellent performance of P7 really gives us no small surprise.Tesla’s Autopilot system is a must-have feature when it comes to intelligent assisted driving.Tesla’s Model Y currently provides eight cameras, 12 ultrasonic radar and 1 millimeter wave radar and other hardware, such as the specification is not too high, but due to its excellent algorithm, Model Y in the intelligent auxiliary driving performance is quite bright eye, like smart call auxiliary navigation, automatic driving, automatic common functions such as auxiliary lane change can be implemented.It is worth mentioning that although The intelligent driving level of Tesla Model Y is relatively high, many of its intelligent driving functions need to be selected. As for how to choose BAP, EAP and FSD, I think THAT BAP can actually meet the needs of most consumers.If your budget is adequate, you can also check out EAP or FSD for more advanced intelligent driving experiences.The autonomous driving assistance systems of the four cars introduced in this paper belong to L2 level, which are representative intelligent driving assistance technologies in the industry.If you are interested in these technologies, you can focus on the above models.However, car owners also need to remind everyone that there is no real “autonomous driving”, while driving carefully watch the road, hands on the steering wheel, safety control in their own hands is the most important.