It begins with nature, and beauty comes from nature

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Every field of nature is splendid and boundless.4 – Aristotle everything is born by natural space art is nature of the beauty of nature with its unique myriad changes provide a steady stream of aesthetic inspiration for people worship, praise highly nature, combined with the natural use of modern high-tech beauty with veneer and name it as the carrier in the artistic conception and fashion natural balance to realize personalized pursuit people aesthetic to the space, natural color, thanksThe designer has an insight into the spiritual world of urbanites, explores the influence of color on emotions, selects pleasant colors close to nature, and applies them to decorative panels, giving residents a warm, refreshing and soothing space to experience nature. · Texture: trees in the jungle, overlapping rings of trees, wind erosion and water-soaked stone patterns in the nature, all kinds of textures come naturally.Beautiful round of beautiful huan le, flexible use of the nature worship of grain in aesthetics, interesting, simple sense of form design such as wood, stone, metal, fabric texture for veneer gives the natural texture of elegance to the room nature selection seasons in the forest trail, thinning wood, wood core, branch material through worship, strict screening was made for application of high density board and particieboardIn various Spaces to achieve wood born in the wild,Content with the room nature nature environmental sustainable raw materials, high standards of production process to produce environmental protection level of green environmental protection act the role ofing panel has obtained the national environmental standards E0 level certification achieved the European environmental standards E0, E1 standard American CARB certification (P1, P2 Japan JAS certification F4 stars such as environmental protection system certification standard nature, leisurely and comfortable design, along with the gender, sinceIn space design is more vulnerable to the modern young people’s favorite worship, but to give up, multifarious adornment to changes of light and shadow, line of mixed natural texture, delicate touch show clever natural symbols to realize people close nature carefree fun minimalist, creativity, special thanks to le, veneer from natural inspiration to use art aesthetics with environmental protection plate construct the ideal natural beautiful space