Holiday book students “charge” busy

2022-06-17 0 By

Yongzhou News (correspondent Cheng Xing Peng Yaomin) during the winter vacation, many students in Lanshan County choose to come to Xinhua bookstore to read books and spend a happy holiday in the thick fragrance of books.Walking into the Xinhua Bookstore on Xiangyue Road, you can see all kinds of books and magazines neatly placed on the shelves. Many students carefully choose their favorite reading materials according to their own interests and hobbies. They stand or squat or sit directly on the floor, reading in various positions.In the bookstore, the author visited and found that the number of students and the synchronized growth of “parent-child reading” parents, they read “charging” as a child’s winter vacation fun, every day to spend a certain amount of time to read their favorite books, not only increased knowledge, but also enrich the children’s holiday life.According to Xinhua Bookstore store counter group leader Jiang Xinhui, in order to meet the spiritual and cultural needs of readers, the bookstore in the implementation of the normal epidemic prevention and control of the premise, launched a series of activities “enjoy the book happy holiday”, to ensure that readers have a happy winter vacation in the thick of books.At present, Xinhua Bookstore mainly covers all kinds of books, synchronous teaching AIDS, stationery, cultural and creative products, audio-visual products and other sections, with more than 5,000 kinds of books in total, more than 48,000 volumes.