Beijing Winter Olympics lighting ceremony how “play big”?

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Pure ice and snow, passionate pageant.The 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing let the world see the mettle of rising great powers.After 14 years, Beijing will host the Winter Olympic Games again. What can we expect from this sporting event?Changjiang Daily reporter randomly interviewed a few wuhan citizens, ask them to say their hearts look forward to.On January 21, Chen Xiaohui, a citizen, took her 8-year-old son to the ice carnival in Houhu Wuhan National Fitness Center for physical examination.She told reporters she was eagerly looking forward to the Beijing Winter Olympics.”I remember the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics very well.I heard that Zhang Yimou is the director of the Winter Olympics again. I’m eager to see what zhang can do to surprise the world.”In the interview, the hope to see an amazing opening ceremony is the common aspiration of many citizens.In a recent interview, Zhang yimou made it clear that the opening and closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics will focus on the theme of “Building a community with a shared future for mankind” and the creation principle of “simplicity, safety and splendor”.It no longer uses “crowd tactics”, but integrates artistic performances and ceremonies. By integrating scientific and technological innovation, low-carbon environmental protection and sports and health concepts, it strives to offer a romantic, beautiful and warm event to the world.The opening ceremony of the Beijing Summer Olympics lasted 245 minutes. This time, the Opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics will be shortened to less than 100 minutes. There will be no special large-scale theatrical performance, the number of actors will be drastically reduced, and more technology will be added to make the opening ceremony less but not empty, full, empty and romantic.Since the opening ceremony falls on the day of the start of Spring, the first of China’s 24 traditional solar terms, this important element will also be fully reflected in the show, Zhang said.In order to achieve the effect of the program, the underground space of the Bird’s Nest has been cleverly modified to meet the creative needs of the performance, such as the stage lifting.In the opening ceremony of the previous Olympic Games and Winter Olympics, the ignition ceremony is always the most concerned link.But this time Zhang yimou is going for something bigger.He said the lighting ceremony was “unprecedented in 100 years of Olympic history”.Such a description leaves a lot to the imagination.In the morning of January 12, in Dunkou Shenlong Primary school to interview the world champion into the campus activities, the reporter and participate in the activities of the primary school students to exchange.They said the most important thing they wanted to see at the Winter Olympics was “raising the flag and playing the national anthem”.Xiao Sheng, a sixth grade student at Shenlong Primary School, said, “I’ll watch TV then. Now I’m interested in freestyle skiing. I hope our Chinese athletes can win more gold MEDALS and honor our country.”Compared with the glory of summer Olympic Games, China’s ice and snow sports started late with poor foundation and weak foundation.In the past four Winter Olympics, The Chinese ice and snow delegation ranked between 7th and 14th, which is far behind the world’s leading countries in ice and snow sports.However, since the successful bid for the 2015 Olympic Games, we have focused on cross-disciplinary and cross-discipline material selection and made up for the shortage of talents. We have carefully set up national training teams at all levels and of various types to achieve the “whole project construction team” of 109 events for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.A number of training bases for snow and ice sports will be built to provide all-round support and realize “all-project training”.Many events achieved from “0” to “1” and from nothing, from weak to strong, snowboarding men’s parallel giant slalom, women’s obstacle chase, men’s snowboard big jump and other 26 events are the first time in history to qualify for the Winter Olympic Games.Through hard work, The Chinese delegation finally obtained the qualification of 104 events, a total of 194 seats, basically achieved the goal of “participating in all events”, the best in history;In short track speed skating, speed skating, figure skating, freestyle skiing, snowboarding and other events with a medal or even gold medal strength.On the evening of January 14th, when the reporter interviewed wuhan children’s ice hockey team at the Ice Dragon Club, he talked about the Winter Olympics with Long Long, the manager of the ice rink.”I hope the Winter Olympics will bring great development to China’s ice and snow sports,” she said.Take ice hockey for example. At present, China has not established a mature professional league system, which has become a bottleneck hindering the development of ice hockey.A lot of talented kids get to the ceiling by the time they’re 15 or so and have to say goodbye to hockey.We hope to establish a professional league system as soon as possible so that children can pursue their dreams.”On January 17, in wuhan national Fitness Center, Eisbel Sports Cui Gong, who is responsible for building and maintaining the on-site real ice rink, was very impressed. He said: “In recent years, as the country vigorously develops ice and snow sports, the market demand for making ice rink also shows a blowout growth.Especially since the successful bid for the 2015 Olympic Games, our ice rink business has been on fire.The Winter Olympics really brought ice and snow sports to China. I hope it will continue to be popular.”Zhao Jia is the head of a children’s sports training institution.His 12-year-old son, Zhao Kaiyuan, won a gold medal in skiing at the just-concluded Hubei Provincial Games.In a telephone interview on The evening of Jan. 18, he said that his biggest hope was that the Winter Olympics would make ice and snow sports as popular as possible in China and attract more children to skate and ski.”When I was studying in the UK in my early years, I noticed that when a country’s PER capita GDP exceeded $10,000, it would usher in the explosion of snow sports,” he said with great longing.From Europe and the United States to Japan and South Korea, without exception.This condition has also been met in China.So I am very optimistic about the future development of snow and ice sports in China.It’s a huge industry, and as practitioners of physical training, we hope to reap even bigger rewards from it.”Read more: