Auspicious snow zhao Tiger year of Taizhou mobile smell snow and mobile communications

2022-06-17 0 By

On February 7, the whole city of Taizhou fell heavy snow.Taizhou mobile smell of snow, immediately start the sleet freezing weather in the communication plan, emergency transferred the professional set up security communication backbone team, prepare shovels, chain and other kinds of security supplies, and icy roads may lead to some road traffic control, dynamic adjustment of oil machine, oil and other supplies, to ensure that the configuration in place,At the same time, actively maintain close contact with local meteorological and power supply departments, and carry out inspection and maintenance of traffic hubs, hospitals and other important sites to ensure the normal operation of communication equipment.At 8:45 on the morning of 7th, wang Wei and Xie Chun, the maintenance personnel of Taizhou Mobile network, received an alarm that the residential area was unavailable in phase iv of Xinghua Castle Area. After installing anti-slip chains on the vehicles, they drove to the scene immediately. After investigation, they determined that the GPS lock was lost due to rain and snow.The figure of Taizhou mobile network maintenance personnel has become a beautiful scenery line in the snow, and the warm security service protects thousands of networks, which also shows the enterprise’s responsibility.Up to now, Taizhou mobile rain and snow weather to ensure the dispatch of emergency repair personnel 117 times, 58 vehicles, 15 oil machines, the city’s mobile network smooth operation.