70 families 70 messages sincere retention took off the police uniform and put on a volunteer red vest

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At 8:30 on February 10, xie Lin, a veteran police officer at the anti-drug brigade of qiaokou District branch of Wuhan Public Security Bureau, arrived at her post on time as usual.When she stepped into the door of the conference room, the whole brigade of auxiliary police stood up and gave her a salute.Involuntarily, she slowly raised her right hand in return, tears welling up in her eyes.As time flies, she ushered in her 60th birthday that day, and had to change the police uniform that had accompanied her for 22 years. This time, she turned from an on-the-job police officer to an anti-drug volunteer.Twenty-two years ago, Shailene swapped her uniform for a police uniform.When she moved from the army to the qiaokou district bureau, she fell in love with anti-drug work, which was enlivened by her persistent and fearless spirit, even though drugs were new to her.She never saw herself as a “lesbian” to be taken care of, working with fellow soldiers to catch crooked drug dealers and working with community groups to help the homeless return to society.Edit community detoxification star Chang Hong took his own hand for Xie Lin’s gift also came to the police station.In her early years, Chang Hong was forced to detoxicate herself for many times due to her accidental death of her father, which made her impoverished life even more difficult.Just when she felt her life had lost its meaning, she was lucky enough to meet Shailene in 2013.Different from the indifferent attitude of most people to drug addicts, Xie Lin often takes the initiative to make an appointment with Chang Hong to meet, chat about family secrets, chat about drug addiction difficult, help her regain confidence in life, what is revealed between words is regret, is care, but also encourage.After learning about Chang’s talent for handmade cloth, Xie contacted the relevant department of qiaokou District and, with the support of the district and the bureau, helped her set up a studio and taobao shop to sell her handicrafts on Tiktoin, which are also sold overseas.Now, Chang Hong has successfully abstained from drug addiction for 15 years and is named “Wuhan Star of drug addiction”.In 2018, the anti-drug brigade of qiaokou District bureau set up the “Xie Lin Anti-drug Publicity Team” named after Xie Lin. The team organized outdoor activities to not only strengthen the friendship between police officers and community rehabilitation workers, but also help them exercise their bodies, sharpen their will and strengthen their confidence.In the spring of 2019, the mission organized a field trip.In that activity, Xie Lin knew Mr. Zhou husband and wife because of drug abuse loss of economic sources, but there are children in school, life is difficult.Immediately after the event, she went to zhou’s community with her colleagues to see what was going on and asked him to fill out an employment application form.Then she enthusiastically contacted a number of caring enterprises, for the understanding and support of employing units.At present, Mr. Zhou has been working in a printing factory for nearly three years and has won the trust of his colleagues and factory leaders with his diligent and conscientious performance.In five years since its establishment, the Xie Lin Publicity Team has grown from 3 people at the beginning to 350 people now.With police, anti-drug social workers, volunteers and community rehabilitation personnel, propaganda “sentiment” is more and more prosperous, continue to carry out all kinds of anti-drug campaign more than 2000 times, accumulative total of helping drug personnel 560 people, has entered the 64 schools in this district, 7.6 students participated in the “small widening hand” activity and drug prevention knowledge to teach the door campaign,We will encourage anti-drug education to spread from schools to communities and families, spare no effort to strengthen drug prevention education among young people, and improve their ability to resist drugs consciously.Editor for several days, Xie Lin’s mobile phone wechat, SMS prompt sound kept ringing, a short time accumulated more than 70, she once helped people have expressed thanks, blessings, also happened to express their hearts that reluctant to part and sincere retention.She changed into an anti-drug volunteer’s outfit and wore the party badge, removed from her police uniform, on her chest.