400,000 euros a week!Mixed superstar lion big mouth, wooing 3 big clubs ignored, Manchester United still treasure

2022-06-17 0 By

As the Premier League season enters its final phase, Manchester United are also in the process of signing new players.Pogba is now the top target of the United hierarchy.Although the player has not been interested in united since Last October, he has been courting greater Paris and real Madrid.However, united have not given up on the French playmaker and have increased their price on his personal terms.Pogba is also demanding 400,000 euros a week from united.That is a premium in the Premier League, with only De Braunay and Cristiano Ronaldo currently earning that level of pay.Pogba is also asking for 400,000 euros and seems to have misjudged his value and ability.They have courted real Madrid, Greater Paris and Juventus respectively.But they all ignored his asking price, because normal teams don’t pay that much for a superstar.Only Manchester United are willing to be a sucker for pogba’s negotiations.Pogba has made just 24 appearances this season and has been sidelined since suffering a thigh strain in November, with questionable professionalism.The fans have seen pogba’s behaviour over the years, as he has repeatedly left the club during the transfer period and challenged the authority of the United hierarchy.But being able to stay on the team is kind of weird.But there is a shortage of talent in the midfield and Pogba’s control and passing skills are the dominant presence in united’s midfield at the moment.It would not be surprising if United were willing to offer him around 400,000 euros a week.