Wuhu: You can call a nurse on your mobile phone

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Dressing change for the old, baby bath touch, neonatal jaundice test……What used to be a laborious trip to a hospital can now be done by a professional caregiver at your home, just by placing an order on your mobile phone.In 2021, As one of the three “Internet + nursing service” pilot areas in Anhui Province, Wuhu extended high-quality nursing services from hospital walls to residents’ homes by means of “online application and offline service”.This year, “Internet + nursing service” will be extended to the whole city.Pay attention to the wechat public account of Wuhu Hospital affiliated to East China Normal University (Wuhu Second People’s Hospital), click the Internet (nursing) in the sub-menu, log in xixin maintenance platform, you can choose nursing services at a glance.After selecting the required service items to place an order, you can enjoy the quality nursing service of the online appointment nurse.Recently, in the affiliated Hospital of Chinese Normal University (Wuhu Second Hospital) “Internet + nursing services” central station, nursing department secretary Zhang Hui skillfully to dajiang Information reporters showed the “Internet + nursing services” “order” operation process.In wuhu in 2021 is listed as one of three “Internet + care services” in anhui province is one of the pilot areas, city WeiJianWei relying on establishing affiliated hospital of middle 2 hospital (wuhu) – jinghu close city medical couplet, in the second people’s hospital of wuhu pilot hospital, couplet of jinghu city medical as the pilot area, combined with domestic sickbed service pilot sign with the family doctor service work,Fourteen “Internet plus care services” projects have been implemented.”‘ Internet + Nursing service ‘is based on the Internet and other information technology, through the’ online application, offline service ‘way, by nurses (also known as online appointment nurse) to provide nursing services for the public.”Gao Guoyun, director of the nursing department of the Affiliated Hospital of Wuhu Normal University (Wuhu No.2 Hospital), told Dajiang News that in May 2021, the affiliated Hospital of Wuhu Normal University (Wuhu No.2 Hospital) established the “Internet + nursing service” central station, and carried out the first “Internet + nursing service” on the morning of May 31.”At that time, after the PICC catheterization patient completed the online application appointment, two nurses came to the patient’s home as scheduled to complete the maintenance of the PICC catheter for the patient and inform the patient and his family members of the precautions for home care of PICC catheterization.During this period, experts in the nursing department of the hospital were connected via wireless devices for remote consultation and guidance.The family members are very satisfied with the quality of the nurses’ home service.”Gao guoyun said that “Internet plus nursing service”, almost all of the disabled and semi-disabled elderly people in bed, if there is no home nurse service, family members can only take the elderly to the hospital, but also have to send the whole family, some elderly back and forth to the hospital even need 120 ambulance shuttle.”So far, wuhu No. 2 Hospital has provided 103 services to 87 home-based patients, and the patient satisfaction rate is 100 percent.””Internet + nursing service” extended to the whole city: “Hello, is the red spot on the baby’s face eczema?Can I apply moisturizing cream?”On December 9, 2021, a resident of Suning Global City Light Community inquired online on the “Internet + nursing service” platform, and soon a senior nurse answered the question on the platform.This is also the first consultation received by The Affiliated Hospital of Wuhu Normal University (Wuhu Second Hospital) after the “Internet + nursing service” online consultation was officially launched.”Online consulting services are a new model of ‘Internet + nursing services’ and an extension of offline services.”Gao Guoyun told dajiang news reporters that citizens log on to the “Internet + nursing services” platform, enter the online consultation column, according to the need to consult the question to select the corresponding senior nurses order online consultation.Online consultation is divided into text and text consultation and voice consultation.Graphic consultation, the nurse will reply to the consultant’s questions within 24 hours;Voice consultation. The nurse sets the call time, and both parties make a voice call at the agreed time.All online consulting services are currently free.High-quality “Internet + nursing service” cannot be achieved without high-level nursing staff.In May 2021, the Wuhu Nursing Quality Center held the first “Internet plus nursing service” training course, with 134 nursing staff participating, Gao said.After the trainees complete the training course and pass the examination, they will be awarded the certificate of qualification, and can engage in “Internet + nursing service” work.In July of that year, the affiliated Hospital of ScNU held the second training course for the medical staff of medical union units in Jinghu District, and a total of 38 people obtained the training certificate.Up to now, 172 nurses have passed the assessment of “Internet + nursing service” in the city.”At present, the ‘Internet + nursing service’ is mainly carried out in Jinghu District, and will be extended to the whole city in 2022.”Shao Xiang, director of the Medical management and Traditional Chinese Medicine Department of Wuhu Municipal Health Commission, told Dajiang News that the “Internet + nursing service” in Wuhu is still in its initial stage, and the municipal Health Commission has required pilot hospitals and regions to regularly summarize experience and actively explore the work of “Internet + nursing service”.Establish the management system, service mode and benign operation mechanism of “Internet + nursing service” suitable for wuhu, give full play to the leading and demonstration role of pilot units and regions, form useful experience that can be copied and promoted, and extend high-quality professional nursing service to residents’ families.Source: Ji Kun Editor: Annie