Will Lebron play decision 4?Love has already delivered the welcome speech, Browne will return home

2022-06-16 0 By

The lakers will come today and the sun, and James has been announced that will miss the game, because of his ankle injury hasn’t healed, and booker and Claude announced today, so the lakers’ victory hope is very slim, but they can enter the play-offs is now almost no hope, for the moment,It’s unlikely the Lakers will be able to make a trade this offseason.Because the team now has a trade value, that is, heavy eyebrows and monk, but as the heavy eyebrows constantly injured his trade value also has fallen dramatically, after all, who also don’t want to get a glass, so the lakers reinforcing road are struggling, and draft picks also depleted, so now a lot of people think James decided on four very likely in the summer,But don’t forget, James doesn’t have a player option, and he can only leave the lakers in a trade.And at this point, the cavaliers midfielder Kevin love has to James gave a welcome speech, he said in an interview with “if lebron James come back, so end is very good, he will be in his hometown complete retirement, and knights will try my best to win brownie over to his son, father and son compete is very good,I hope he comes back and we have some great memories to keep playing for a few more years.If the Cavs could find a way to bring Browne to the team, the temptation for James would be huge, and now that James is back in Cleveland, the team could be a championship favorite, and Browne could follow his father and son to a championship in a hurry.So do you think Lebron will play decision 4 and return home with his son?