Wear zihe street before the festival to prevent illegal fund-raising publicity action

2022-06-16 0 By

Wear purple river street Huijiaping community party secretary Hu Kai propaganda for residents to prevent illegal fund-raising knowledge.Posters posted on the outer wall of the first floor of Times Square in Xiyuan Community, Chuanzihe Street.Rednet Moment Changde January 28 – (correspondent Zhao Yi) On the occasion of the Approaching of the Spring Festival, the high incidence of illegal fund-raising activities, in order to effectively prevent illegal fund-raising activities, recently, under the guidance of the Wuling District office of prevention and disposal of illegal fund-raising work leading group,Chuangzihe Sub-district office organized 9 community staff to go deep into the commercial buildings, residential areas, street shops, and organs of the district, and carried out publicity work to prevent illegal fund-raising before the festival by issuing publicity leaflets, putting up publicity posters, and explaining relevant knowledge.The operation in jurisdictions distributing propaganda folding of more than 600, more than 200 zhang posted posters, for residents to finance and fraud prevention knowledge about more than 300 person-time, further enhance the self-protection ability of the jurisdiction area residents to prevent illegal fund-raising, to enhance the cognition of illegally accepting confidentiality, harmfulness, effectively promote the development of the financial environment.