“Magic tower” to disperse the beast linkage activity copy walkthrough

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“Tower of Fantasy” and “Cage” linkage version “Dawn of the White Moon” has officially opened.In addition to the new linkage of mimicracy characters and linkage of the plot, naturally, there are not enough rewarding welfare activities.The following for the pioneers to explain the linkage activity “dangerous invasion”, the second stage “disperse the beast” activity copy related gameplay.The second stage of dangerous invasion introduces how to explain the activity time: 5:00 on February 3-5:00 on February 17.Participation conditions: After completing the first chapter of the story, you can participate in the activity. The upper limit of the Mana ecological sample study is 55%.Bonus access with danger Invasion stage 2 of the open, dedication store unlocked more redeemable items.You can also get a large number of Mana ecological samples after completing the “Dispel Monsters” copy opened in stage 2.Turn in samples for the same amount of dedication points, you can exchange a wide variety of items in the dedication shop.A total of 6,700 dedicated points are required for stage 2 open items.Dedication points are not difficult to acquire, and for pioneers with plenty of time to play, the items in the dedication shop are of course all redeemable.For players with a relatively tight game time, it is recommended to exchange “mechanical bird” – torso, moon · Jiaohui and other limited props, after this activity may not be able to obtain.Secondly, it is recommended to exchange red core for ordering linkage mimicry and weapons.Dispelling monsters is divided into normal difficulty and challenge difficulty.There are three rounds of monsters, and defeating all of them is the end of the game.Using these three weapons increases weapon damage by 30% in a dungeon.The difference between the two different levels of difficulty is that the health, attack and defense of the alien will be higher in the challenge difficulty, and there will be an extra BOSS “Governor Habaka” in the third round.You can get 50 Mana eco-samples on normal difficulty, and up to 300 mana eco-samples at once on Challenge difficulty.With vitality, we can redeem all stage 2 items in the consecrated shop by clearing a maximum of 23 dispelling monsters on challenge difficulty.Replicas can be played alone or with other players.Due to the high difficulty of the challenge, we strongly recommend matching players to enter, which is more time saving and effort saving.Alien levels vary with character levels, with each level having roughly the same difficulty defeating the alien.This makes it easy for different levels of pioneers to match, and there is no case where a higher level of players makes monsters harder to fight.Before entering the replica, note if you have 60 vitality, enough vitality to get mana ecological sample.When vitality is less than 60, we can normally enter the replica without subtracting vitality, making it easier for some pioneers to bring friends on demand.We don’t have to worry too much about the bonuses to weapons like Rose’s Edge, Negation Cube, and Arieya.The fact that the designated weapon happens to be our primary weapon is the icing on the cake, because if not, the primary weapon itself will probably do more damage than the use of the designated weapon.It is also recommended to equip a mine weapon.Some of the monsters and challenge bosses in the dungeon are weak, and using thunder weapons can deal extra damage to the monsters.On challenge difficulty, it is best to make sure that one of the pioneers in the party is equipped with a healing weapon to increase the error tolerance rate.Ordinary difficulty ordinary difficulty will appear alienated people, alienated dog king, mutant alienated body, giant alienated body, eel, roar and other exotic animals.Alienated dog king is mainly forward, in situ forward grasp two ways of attack, before the attack will flash red light, attention can dodge.There are four ways for the giant alien to attack: 1. Jump to the ground;2. Throw it forward on the spot.3. Trot forward;4. A collision.Giant alienation of the body before the attack shake is long, you can pay attention to its arms, single arm is to hit forward, arms is to jump forward.In addition, he growls to impact, jump is to hit the ground.We output in time to avoid triggering magic.The eels attack in five ways: 1. They create a cloud of poison on the ground;2. Hit the ground with the tail on the spot;3. Jump forward;4. Throw a poison bomb forward;5. Catch the first three.The eel’s more threatening attack is its triple catch.To launch this attack, the eel raises one arm and glows red, which is the best way to avoid.There are three ways to attack the ground roar: 1.2. Stand up and hit the ground;3. Spit a poison bomb forward.Ground roars make a downward motion before charging, while ground roars stand up and glow red, and duck behind them when they see these movements.Alienation and mutation alienation of the damage is low, and easy to be floating, not a threat, in the cleaning up of other beasts can be incidentally cleaned up at the same time.In addition to all the monsters on the normal difficulty, the BOSS “Governor habaka” will appear at the end of the challenge.Habaka’s strategy is relatively difficult, and it is best to have healing weapons in our team to ensure the whole team’s health.The habaka’s attacks are complex: 1. A variety of attacks that move their PAWS and kicks forward in place;2. Jump into the air and deal extensive damage to the ground.3. Send a man flying into the air for a multi-stage attack;4. Put a physical shield on yourself.Habaka’s airborne attacks pose a greater threat to us.When habaka jumps, there will be multiple red circles on the ground indicating the range of attack. We should try to avoid standing in the range of attack.Otherwise the Khabaka would fly us off and do multiple damage in the air, and we couldn’t dodge or otherwise.When habaka is wearing a blue shield, the damage caused by weapons with severe damage characteristics such as red Lotus blade and sea wheel blade will be reduced. It is recommended to switch to a thunder weapon for attack.Overall, it’s not too hard to break up monster replicas, taking about 5 minutes to match on challenge and about 4 minutes to match on normal.After finishing the level, we get a lot of Mana ecology samples, which greatly improves the speed at which we can exchange items in the dedicated shop, and helps us get new vehicles and avatar frames faster.