Industrial police station of Shunhe Branch of Public Security of Kaifeng city and Huajian primary school drill fire emergency evacuation

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Image net news (the elephant news reporter Cui Xueqing) in order to improve jurisdiction among primary school fire emergency safety and evacuation drill in the organization and management level, to strengthen the safety consciousness and fire emergency hedge ability between teachers and students, cultivating students’ lifelong benefit of fire behavior, on March 11, kaifeng public security bureau police station along the river branch of industry joint fire brigade, build primary school in kaifeng,Fire emergency evacuation drills with the theme of “Cherish life and grow up happily” were carried out.At 9:45 on The morning of March 11, members of the emergency evacuation drill headquarters, members of each working group, and leaders of each post arrived quickly.At 9:50, the rapid alarm sounded in the campus, and the class director led the students to bend their waist, cover their mouths and noses with wet handkerchiefs and towels, and move forward quickly along the designated stairway of the school, and evacuate to the safety area of the school playground in an orderly manner.Three minutes later, all the 1180 teachers and students evacuated to their designated positions.Then, Gao Ji ‘an, the police officer, and Yin Xiangyu, the captain of the fire brigade, told the teachers and students some fire knowledge, and watched the fire fighters operate the fire extinguisher on the spot to put out the fire, and understood the correct use of the fire extinguisher.Fire safety precautions were emphasized and teachers and students were invited to put out fires on site.Through this drill, the fire awareness and escape skills of teachers and students were greatly improved, the fire safety awareness of teachers and students was enhanced, so that the students set up a “safety” based self-protection awareness.Further strengthen the teachers and students fire safety education, improve the ability to prevent self-help, improve the ability to respond to emergencies, and promote the construction of “safe and harmonious campus”.(Kaifeng news hotline: 18803624444, email:”Elephant Escort Office” tel: 18003719699)