Cost 12 million yuan to set 12 stone columns, so “do to the leadership to see” is not to work

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Extreme news commentator Xu Hanxiong is co-produced by the propaganda Department of Discipline Inspection Commission of Hunan Province and the news Center of Hunan Radio and TV station. The third episode of the three-episode TV feature film “Anti-corruption is always on the Road” is broadcast.One of them mentioned hunan, a county party secretary has been investigated in office has borrowed 12 million yuan to build 12 marble totem poles: I want to let the leadership think I am powerful.According to the Supreme People’s Procuratorate on November 4, 2021, the county party secretary’s alleged bribery case has been transferred to the procuratorial organ for investigation and prosecution.In the “anti-corruption and anti-corruption always on the road” feature film, this person is referred to as the “image project” “performance project” to gain political capital typical, he so analyzed his distorted view of achievements: “want to do so a few projects out, can be unconventional, caused leadership attention, think I can do.Therefore, in order to highlight personal achievements, disregard the interests of the masses, and engage in formalism, the county culture square landscape project alone spent 60 million, of which 12 marble totem poles cost 12 million.His self-analysis said the motive of abnormal achievements view, is to “do to the leadership”, attract the attention of the leadership.Have to say, this kind of thinking has a certain market, is also in hunan, a few years ago, had a large-scale debt to build “image project”, such as building a square spent 48 million yuan, 6 ginkgo trees spent 2.85 million yuan, 8 totem stone column spent 1.2 million yuan.A report by the inspection team of Hunan Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) unashamied the false “rich face”, pointing to “totem stones, ancient gingko trees, kerosene lamps, yellow mud water…”.Because with the surface of the opposite bright, is the county tap water pipe network disrepair, residents burst pipe water, drinking “yellow mud water” is normal.Image project for officials face, hurt is the people’s livelihood.Officials are keen on “achievement projects”, as the arrested party chief put it, just to impress and impress the leaders.Because the superior leadership to inspect, if there is no in-depth grassroots actual words, it is easy to be fooled by the surface of the image project, left a deep impression, that did a good job.Dry to the leadership, dry leadership visible work, heavy achievements, light achievements, is obviously a deformed view of achievements, is also a kind of morbid thinking.In the mind of such people, they work only for performance and political achievements, not for real work, so they cannot concentrate on development and the needs of the people’s livelihood.The starting point of its plan layout is to highlight individual ability only, leave individual trace, as to whether accord with actual situation, whether be helpful for the job truly, it is not the key that considers.”To show to the leaders” will inevitably lead to superficial appearances, putting on AIRS, blindly setting up stalls and so on, and even resort to deception and idealism.This approach is obviously harmful. Many image projects become unfinished projects, and finally projects are launched, wasting construction funds and dismissing officials, but no real achievements have been made.No more “show the boss” stuff.More exciting information please download “extreme news” client in the application market, do not reprint without authorization, welcome to provide news clues, once adopted will pay.