You can tell from the steering wheel of a car

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From the car steering wheel to see can judge the small faults used to see the fault of the owners of various indicators, whether they know that a small steering wheel, can judge a lot of faults?Today, it is said that the steering wheel with a small body has a big role, what can be judged?When the vehicle is running, the chassis has periodic sound. When the cab and door shake seriously, the steering wheel vibrates strongly until the hands tingle.That means there’s something wrong with the car!Of course, the amplitude of the shaking is not very large. It is generally because of resonance, which has little impact on the use of the vehicle. It is necessary to check whether there is a problem with the rubber sleeve of the steering wheel transmission device and whether the bolts fixing the steering wheel transmission device are loose.The car speed in 30 to 40 km jitter appears most of this situation is caused by the tire in daily use due to friction, collision or old causes caused by deformation, at this time to replace the tire on the line.Car speed at 80 to 90 km/h jitter appears this situation is mostly caused by tire deformation or vehicle transmission system.At this time, should check whether the positioning Angle of the front wheel and the front bundle meet the requirements, such as misalignment should be adjusted, or set up the front axle test wheel, check the static balance of the wheel and whether the tire deformation is too large, such as deformation should be replaced.High speed brake jitter too hard, too often may lead to brake disc, brake pad overheating, deformation in cold, causing steering wheel jitter.Generally in the replacement of brake discs, brake pads, symptoms can be resolved.Flat road running normal, low-lying road abnormal this is due to the car in the driving, pull rod ball wear loose or rubber sleeve off the joint, may also be the tire wear becomes irregular, should be sent to professional maintenance point inspection, replacement of damaged parts