The heart of insurance and selling insurance

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Don’t beat around the bush, just say it.The core of insurance is asset transformation.The heart of selling insurance is peace of mind.How to understand?When you buy insurance, you actually sign a contract with your company.You put your money into the custody of the company, which means you turn your money into another intangible asset and magnify it.Then set a condition, and when that condition is met, the enlarged asset will be given a special ownership property to you, or to someone you designate.So this is a conditional asset conversion process.Health, life, accident, annuity.Insurance. that makes it very simple.It’s a process of choosing terms.In combination with what we said before, there is no value for money in insurance.The terms are easier to meet, so you have less leverage to convert your assets.If it’s not easy, it’s highly leveraged.This also is why be heavy disease danger likewise long danger, same protect forehead insurance cost to be able to differ by half.If you opt for more leverage, don’t complain that the terms for settling a claim are too harsh.Choose a more easy to compensate, do not suspect the premium is high.Health insurance leverage, for the insured, regardless of the effect of time.But for insurance companies, consider.So when insurance company is setting price, it is according to insurant age different will set price.Annuity, in itself, is a time lever.The longer the time, the more leverage.So we can see that $200,000 for a 0 year old can be exchanged for millions when he retires.If you retire at the same age as 50, you’ll only get $400,000 or so for $200,000.You see, the essence of insurance is a conditional asset conversion.There are special legal rights attached to it.That’s all.Very simple.The whole point of selling insurance, then, is simply to make the insured feel at ease.Because insurance is a special kind of virtual product that cannot be experienced.All insurance policies look at long-term value.This is true for annuity insurance, and especially for health insurance.How many people are insured today and continue to settle claims tomorrow?No one’s looking forward to a claim.Unless you want to cheat on your insurance.What is peace of mind?It’s an emotion. It’s a feeling.The result of conveying this feeling is called emotional value.We said that insurance has no temperature, but the insurer has temperature.This manifests itself in many ways.The first is family.Especially in the design of the asset management of husband and wife, the word temperature is particularly important.Just because you gave them an asset plan, don’t let your husband and wife have a gap in their heart.Other factors that contribute to peace of mind include your expertise, additional services you can offer, company branding, insurance laws, etc.As we’ve emphasized many times before, insurance companies provide financial compensation to customers.As an insurance business person, the service provided to customers is risk management.Through our professional ability, so that customers reduce the probability of risk.Customers feel that with you, they are not worried about the occurrence of risk, and they are not worried about the situation after the occurrence of risk.So I’m at peace.This is the heart of insurance sales.Get those two things right, and you’ll be the hottest guy in the insurance business.I’m General Bao, pay attention to Hui, let you hear something you’ve never heard before