Seventy people were fired!Tencent fights corruption: 13 companies blocked

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China fund news reporter Wu Yu on January 25th morning, tencent holdings against fraud survey WeChat number “sunshine tencent” public announcement, all of 2021, tencent against fraud survey were found and investigate violation “tencent high tension line” case more than 50 cases, nearly 70 people was fired for violating “tencent high tension line”, more than 10 people for alleged crime was transferred to public security organs to handle.In addition, 13 other companies have been “blocked” and Tencent says it will never cooperate with them.In 2021, Tencent’s anti-fraud investigation department found and investigated more than 50 cases involving Tencent High-voltage Cable, according to the notice. Nearly 70 people were fired for violating Tencent High-voltage Cable, and more than 10 were transferred to public security for suspected crimes.’Tencent has always believed in the value of integrity,’ the statement said. ‘Tencent requires everyone to stick to the bottom line, put Morality first, be honest, fair and not just.’In order to jointly protect Tencent’s corporate culture, build a healthy and safe working environment, and transmit positive energy, Tencent has made its zero-tolerance attitude clear since 2005 when it first proposed the “Tencent High-voltage Line”.In the “Tencent Sunshine Code of Conduct” released in 2015, Tencent further clarified the content and handling procedures of “Tencent High Voltage Line” and other violations, to ensure that behaviors contrary to the values of integrity are dealt with seriously.Once the employee’s behavior violates “Tencent high voltage line”, they will be dismissed and never hired.For the external companies involved in the case, they will also be listed on the company blacklist and never cooperate.Once found to be suspected of illegal crimes, it will be transferred to the public security and judicial organs for legal responsibility, and will also closely cooperate with the police to crack down and arrest the external personnel involved.Specifically, 16 typical cases involving commercial bribery and duty encroachment were reported.Should enter Tencent internship pay money?Among the cases disclosed this year, there was a new type of case that had not appeared in previous years’ anti-fraud briefings.In 5 cases, Tencent employees cooperated with external employment agencies, which recruited interns. Then Tencent employees arranged interns to conduct fake remote internships in Tencent, and took part of the expenses paid by internship applicants from external employment agencies.And the 5 employees involved, 100 million were dismissed all processing.Some crimes involved were also transferred to the public security organs.Specifically, including WXG merchant product department Huang Sirui, PCG news technology platform department Hu Zhong, its behavior violated the “Tencent high voltage line”, was dismissed processing, never hired.In the meantime, because two people are suspected of committing a crime, be transferred to public security organ processing.Xia Jie from CSIG Smart Retail Strategic Cooperation Department, An Peiliang from IEG STC Game Product Department and Li Si from CDG industry sales Operation Department have also violated the “Tencent high voltage Line”, and have been dismissed and never hired.Tencent video producer Zhang Meng was also transferred to the police.According to the statement, Zhang Meng, the head of THE CONTENT production department of PCG, took advantage of her position to seek benefits for suppliers and received preferential treatment fees from suppliers. Her behavior violated the “Tencent High voltage Line” and she was fired and never hired.Meanwhile, Zhang meng was transferred to the public security organs on suspicion of committing a crime.It is worth noting that last October, Tencent video producer Zhang Meng was arrested news caused concern in the industry.One is not the other.According to the public information, Zhang Meng is a senior project producer of Tencent Video, working in Tianpeng Studio, under the direct leadership of Fang Fang, the management of Tencent Video, responsible for the project development of films and TV series.Zhang meng has participated in the production of You are My Honor, Ghost Blows Out The Ancient City, Skyscraper, Listen to the Phoenix Singing and other dramas.According to public information, Zhang won the “2020 Outstanding Platform Producer Award” in the third Beginner’s List in 2020.At that time, it was reported that Zhang Meng’s accident may be related to Zheng Shuang’s “A Beautiful Girl Ghosts” (renamed “Only Ask this life Love Cangming”).However, Tencent had responded that Zhang did violate the company’s “high-voltage line” behavior, and suspected of illegal, has been handed over to the judicial authorities.Police have registered an investigation.But net spread involves Yin and Yang contract and so on view, is erroneous.13 companies blocked: Never cooperate!In addition, 13 other companies were “blocked” and Tencent said it would never cooperate:Guangzhou da technology co., LTD., Beijing le fish culture media co., LTD., competitive network technology (shenzhen) co., LTD. Shenzhen technology co., LTD. Shenzhen hua yu hai au interaction handheld network technology co., LTD. Shenzhen xiang swims the world network technology co., LTD. Shenzhen is great swimming technology co., LTD. Shenzhen ring trade of information technology co., LTD., Beijing sea soul dhi marketing consultant co., LTDDepartment of Beijing ZhuoWei dynamics information consulting services co., LTD., Beijing cayon entertainment culture co., LTD., carefree and comfortable (Beijing) film and TV culture communication co., LTD. Shanghai yu “entertainment culture media co., LTD and query according to the reporter, the 13 companies, mostly with technology development, operation platform game development, also have the Internet service providers,Cultural and artistic activities exchange planning company.So far, some companies have changed shareholders and changed their names.Finally, I attach the notification of 16 typical cases: Source: China Fund News